Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dragons: Race to the Edge Review: 4x08 "Gold Rush"

I don't have any particular strong feelings about Dagur as a character. I like him fine, but I don't feel particularly attached. I think it's cool that he's on the "good" side now, but I can't say I feel particularly excited whenever he shows up. (That isn't to say that I hate having him around either, just that I feel pretty neutral.)

What I really loved about this episode was that it contained a lot of development in terms of Dagur and Heather's relationship. I've enjoyed seeing Dagur come to realize what he actually needs to do to be a good brother, and it's nice to see Heather begin to accept him as her family. While it's bittersweet to no longer have Heather running around with the main characters every episode, it had to happen eventually. I like that she and Dagur get to work on building back up their home instead of Heather being off by herself if she leaves the riders.

Of course, one of Dagur and Heather's main goals now is to find their father. The fact that the show has even brought this possibility up despite his death being taken as a given earlier hints to me that they're planning to do something with it. Is Heather and Dagur's dad going to play a role in season five? I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case after this episode, which also raises the question as to just what sort of character their dad would be. I even wonder if we might have met their dad without knowing it was their dad, and that could lead to a lot of different theories. I'm definitely thinking about it.

Shadowhunters Review: 2x09 "Bound by Blood"

It only took a month to get this review posted (despite having written it earlier). Whoops.

I'm sure I wasn't alone in imagining that Clary's blood oath would become a problem sooner rather than later. Still, I wasn't expecting her hand to start dying and turning black. I assumed that death would be involved if she didn't do what was asked of her, but I that was an interesting touch.

Izzy and Raphael making tamales was probably the best "small detail" from the episode. I also really liked Raphael sharing the fact that he visits his sister. Aside from the audience learning something personal about him, him being willing to tell Izzy something so personal is clearly a big deal. I bet the list of other people who know that about Raphael consists of Magnus.

Alec storming into Raphael's apartment was sad largely because I hate watching characters who love each other (i.e. Alec and Izzy, not Alec and Raphael) fight. I'm glad that the disagreement that Magnus and Alec had was short lived, and I really appreciated this scene for what Magnus says to Raphael about seeing how he feels when he's not getting high off of Izzy's blood. Raphael probably took that as a blow, but even in that moment I fully believe that Magnus is looking after Raphael's best interest.

While I view Raphael as a compelling character, it's also true that I would never stand behind quite a few of the decisions he makes, and one of those is to bite Izzy and then continue to do so. I know Izzy encouraged it, but that doesn't justify Raphael's actions in my view. That places a negative air over Izzy and Raphael's entire relationship and, so far, has prevented me from liking them together. What I'm hoping for most out of this storyline is some character development for Raphael. (I'd say from Izzy too, but at this point, I don't see how this will result in significant character growth for her. Without a doubt, it will be her overcoming something difficult, but I don't see a significant change. That's perhaps the largest reason I still feel distaste over this storyline.)

The Seelies and vampires being the groups most willing to kill Clary is no surprise. Really Clary is lucky that her dad (because let's be honest, Luke is actually her dad) and Magnus represent the werewolves and warlocks because otherwise she probably wouldn't have been as lucky as she was. (If you think about it, it's rather remarkable how many powerful people she has on her side considering how little time she's been part of this world.)

Having already seen the mid-season finale, a large part of me wants to continue going on, but I think the rest of what I have to say is better left to that episode's review.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Race to the Edge Review: 4x06 "Dire Straights"

This episode managed to scare me a bit when Hiccup was close to drowning, which isn't typical with Race to the Edge since I'm never worried about any of the characters (or at least the main ones) dying. During that scene though, I was on the edge of my seat. They really managed to create tension there despite viewers knowing that he had to survive.

Toothless swimming down and looking through the glass, refusing to swim up because he wanted to stay with Hiccup, was the most heart-breaking thing. I don't know that I've properly appreciated Toothless so far in my reviews for this season, but he is the absolute best. Toothless is the primary reason I feel in love with How to Train Your Dragon when it first came out. Moments like this remind me why that was.

The Submaripper is also such an intense dragon that you wonder how they'll come up with something to top it in the season finale.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Reign Review: 4x03 "Leaps of Faith"

I'm getting behind on Reign reviews despite being caught up with the episodes. Because of that, they're blurring together in my mind somewhat, so here's hoping that I can successfully remember what happens in this episode and not another episode.

Gideon's suggestion that he marry Mary came out of nowhere for me. Why did he suggest it when he did? It felt rather odd. Maybe he just thought that enough had happened to finally convince Elizabeth that it was something that could work, but it was strange. Actually, I'm surprised he would actually ask Mary to do such a thing, and I'm surprised at how close Mary came to taking the offer. Maybe that's because, historically, I knew it wouldn't happen, but it's also just not something I can see Mary doing as a character. Despite Gideon's comments about her being born into a job that Elizabeth angled for, Mary has always taken being queen seriously and shown countless times that she considers Scotland her highest priority.

Lady Lennox meeting Catherine would be a sight to see. I imagine that, if we were to see more of her, she would become a similar presence in Mary's life (at least similar to Catherine in the earlier days of the show). As things with Mary and Darnley move forward, I wonder if she'll stay in England or move to Scotland. That could be a source of plenty of conflict.

I feel very nervous about Lady Knox and how her "romance" (if one can even call it that) with James is going to affect her. Considering how terrible John Knox has been, I don't see him as being the forgiving sort, and I can't imagine him being kind to his wife if he finds out something's going on. And since this is TV, he'll eventually figure out that something is going on. I'm glad that we've seen that James is conflicted about the entire thing because I feel plenty of sympathy for her watching it all play out.

That priest thinking Claude was holy was one of my favorite moments of the episode.

It continues to amaze me how much Leesa is like Catherine while she continues to oppose Catherine at every turn. Despite her hatred, Leesa is undoubtedly the most like Catherine of all of Catherine's children.

From the first time Narcisse suggests getting a girl for Charles I was nervous. Considering everything happening with him lately, that was destined to be a disaster. I remember fearing for her safety before the episode even got to the scene with them together, let alone after that. It was very worrying, but I'll say more on it when I'm reviewing the episode where you learn a little bit more about where he took her.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dragons: Race to the Edge Review: 4x05 "Saving Shattermaster"

I hadn't given much thought to Dagur's fate before watching this episode because, to be frank, he's just not a character that I give much thought to, but the fact that he was alive wasn't all that surprising to me.

My favorite aspect of this episode was getting to see Heather and Dagur begin repairing their relationship. They're still not 100% there, but I think this episode made it clear that they will be some day. Dagur coming to realize how to actually create a relationship with his sister is probably my favorite part about his character growth so far.

While it's bittersweet that Heather leaves the Dragon Riders, it was bound to happen sooner or later. We still get to see her later in the season, so I don't feel like I can complain. I'm interested in seeing how much she appears in the next season.