Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Post: Baking a Cake

I meant to create a post for this video last week, but here we are. At least I'm finally doing it. I baked a cake last week from scratch. It was the first time I'd done that, though I'd made cupcakes before.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Shadowhunters Review: 2x07 "How Are Thou Fallen"

Writing this review might be a little difficult. You see, I enjoyed most of this episode a lot, but the last Malec scene left me feeling a little iffy. At first, I hoped that they'd do something at the beginning of the next episode, but one of the showrunners discussed it on Twitter, and that's not happening.

But, before I go into that, let's talk about the earlier events of this episode.

Clary deciding to run off with Cleophas frustrated me (I really need Clary to start listening to Luke and actually talking to him because she'd be a lot better off at this point.), but I really like what they've done with Cleophas as a character. I can't wait to see what happens with her over the coming episodes.

As soon as we saw the angel, I suspected he was an angel. I told myself I was probably wrong though because I figured we wouldn't see an angel for quite a while in the series. Considering how the appearance of angels is described in the book, I was interested to see how they'd make them look in the show. Valentine mentioned that the angel wasn't in his true form, and I'm going to assume that he still wasn't in his true form once his wings appeared. I wonder if we'll see an angel in "true form" anytime soon.

I still don't feel all that great about the Izzy yin fen storyline, but I don't feel like I have much more to say about it after this episode.

Simon and Maia continued to be adorable in this episode. I love their dynamics so much, and I can't wait to see them continue to get to know each other. Also, who else was surprised that Magnus and Maia know each other? I was, but looking back on it, I feel like I shouldn't have been. I'm crossing my fingers for more with the two of them in the future.

This episode was also the first time in a while that we've seen Simon and Jace interact at length. I'm very amused by how Jace, despite supposedly being annoyed by Simon, took so much time to talk to him about the "right" way to talk to girls.

Magnus and Alec were adorable for most of this episode. My heart could hardly handle Alec giving Magnus that present or what Magnus told Maia at the bar. Those were by far my favorite scenes of the episode.

That being said, I am bothered by the last scene with the two of them. I don't like that Alec didn't really stop to listen to what Magnus was telling him. It cuts off, so we don't know what they say to each other after that. However, what you show on screen and what happens off screen are important decisions, and I don't like this one. It created a hazy consent situation that makes me very uncomfortable, and the contrast between the Malec scene and the earlier scene with Jace and the fairy only makes it worse.

That's an even bigger shame because of how great the rest of Magnus and Alec's scenes together were and how great they've been so far this season. I don't want them (meaning those making the show) to screw it up now. I'm crossing my fingers for the next episode.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Top 5 Favorite Fictional Friendships

Monday, February 13, 2017

Shadowhunters Review: 2x06 "Iron Sisters"

It was exciting to see the Iron Sisters in this episode after their appearance had been hinted at. I'm also excited about the change of Sister Cleophas being Luke's sister. After Jocelyn's comment earlier in the season, I think most of the fandom figured we would see her in this episode. However, I had assumed that Luke's Iron Sister sister would replace Amatis (or be Amatis), so I was a little surprised when Cleophas mentioned her as well. Now I'm going to excitedly wait for Amatis to appear on the show as well.

I also wasn't expecting Cleophas to be a member of the Circle (especially not still a member of the Circle), and I'm wondering how that plot twist will play out. (It also has me thinking about Amatis and if her backstory will be the same if we see her.)

Izzy's storyline with the yen fin has, in fact, become a drug addiction storyline. I still don't get the purpose of this or where they're going with it, and I'm not sure that I like it. It was probably my biggest problem with the episode. That being said, maybe once it plays out I'll come to a different opinion.

So many other aspects of this episode were fantastic.

Maia and Simon's friendship was something I've been wanting to see in the show for ages, and this episode definitely gave us that. Their dynamics are spot on, and I can't wait to see them become even closer friends (as well as Maia meeting the other main characters). She seems to be starting to develop feelings for Simon, which I don't really have feelings for either way at this point (as long as that love triangle doesn't play out the way it does in the books), but I can't wait for them to have more scenes together. And for more of Maia in general.

Both of them searching for Luke and discussing what Luke meant to them was also heart-warming. I loved it. (Though I'm still frustrated that Luke was only in the last episode for several seconds.)

We've been waiting for Magnus and Alec's first date for ages, and it did not disappoint. I love the dynamics of their relationship so far. It's also wonderful that on their first date they confront the very conflict that led to their breakup in the books. I feel confident that that won't be the case on the show, which is awesome. They were adorable.

Also, I have to say how happy I am that the show explicitly discussed Alec's lack of experience with relationships and how, while it was initially surprising to Magnus, Alec wasn't ridiculed for it. I feel like that never happens in TV shows, books, movies, etc., so that was nice to see. And, of course, it was great that Alec was able to accept Magnus' past experiences without it driving a wedge between them. The two of them having respective experiences and being able to accept each other was so, so important.

When Jace interrupted them, I laughed out loud. I wasn't expecting Jace to show up at Magnus' house and ask to stay in this episode, though it does happen at one point in the books. I'm very excited to see this play out as Jace and Magnus' dynamics can bring a lot of humor to the show. It should be fun for however long it lasts.