Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today I graduated from high school.  I can actually say that now.  It's a strange feeling.  Maybe now I'll actually stop ranting about it everywhere online.  It's been a long and exhausting day, but it was also a really good day.

I had to get to the school at ten this morning, which was an hour before the ceremony started.  We stood around talking until we had to line up for the procession, and time seemed to move so slowly.  Every ten minutes felt as if they were really half an hour.  But we were finally able to line up.  Then we had to stand in line for what also felt like an hour before we processed in.

The ceremony went really great.  I was a little nervous through the whole ceremony, but I was a bit surprised at how calm I managed to be.  Even when I had to walk up and get my diploma I managed to only be a tiny bit nervous.  I just focused on walking up there and getting it instead of the tons of people watching, which I'm not usually able to do.  The only bad part about the ceremony was the fact that there's no air-conditioning in the gym, so I was sweating like crazy by the time the ceremony was over.  Also, my class decided to throw our caps even though our principal wasn't too thrilled about it.  She didn't think we'd be able to get our own caps back.  I was determined though.  It helps that I'm not exactly great at throwing things.  My cap went maybe five feet in front of me, and I immediately went for it.

I had about an hour at home before my family started coming for my party.  Haley was the only person from school who came since I only invited my closest friends but everyone was running around doing various things.  There were people at my house for hours, and don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family, but I was already tired at this point.  I spent most of the time on Tumblr even though I was in the room with everyone and half-heartily participating in the conversations.  It only got worse when Haley got there.  We were obsessing over One Direction the entire time.  My family thinks I'm insane now, guys.  (Not that they didn't before.)  Haley and I would be fangirling over something only to look up and see my family staring at us as if we'd lost our minds.  They're going to tease me about One Direction every time I see them now.

Haley's party was later in the day, and I stayed there for a while as well.  We were outside with no computers in sight, so we managed to stay off Tumblr for the most part.  (The app on my phone is just too annoying to deal with for more than a few minutes.)  The two off us did end up talking about One Direction for quite a while though once Jordan and Rachel went off to the gas station to get stuff.

After leaving Haley's party I was finally able to come home and rest.  It's been a really long day.  I haven't felt this worn out since school started winding down and I had less to do.  I am definitely going to sleep well tonight.  I wouldn't be surprised if I just suddenly passed out without meaning to.

It was a really good day though.  And I can now say that I'm a high school graduate!  I still have to get through the senior mass at church in the morning though.  I have to wear the gown again and everything.  Still, for the most part everything is over.

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