Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Kiwanis Meeting

Our local Kiwanis Club gave three scholarships to members of my school's Key Club (the high school version of Kiwanis basically) this year, and Ji, Chrissy, and I got the three scholarships.  Today the three of us had to go to their meeting at this local restaurant to personally thank the members and receive the money.  I was worrying about it for quite a while because I knew I'd have to stand up in front of everyone and thank them and share my college plans, and public speaking is never easy for me.

Ji picked me up, and when we got to the restaurant, Chrissy and our teacher who's the Key Club advisor were both already there.  The four of us sat at a table together in the restaurant and talked while we waited for the meeting to start.  Something really awesome about the meeting was that Kiwanis paid for our lunch, which was really nice of them.  Apparently they pay for everyone at every meeting, which I think is awesome (as long as you don't get people who take advantage of it).

They started off the meeting by having us tell everyone how long we'd been involved with Key Club (and, in my case, Builder's Club, the middle school version) and what we planned to study and things.  After we got our checks, we sat back down and ate while listening to the rest of the meeting.  Once the meeting was over, we finished up eating, and the four of us at our table talked for a while.  A few Kiwanis members came over to talk to us some more as well.  What was kind of strange was that Ji, Chrissy, and I are all done with school since we're seniors, so we didn't have school at all today.  However, today is everyone else's last day, so our teacher had to go back to school after the meeting.

We're actually having an awards ceremony at school tomorrow for Key Club, but I know several people aren't going to make it.  I don't think a lot of people want to go back to school the day after it's over, even if it's only for an hour or so.

I haven't done anything else today, although my grandma did come over for a little while earlier with two of my cousins.  My brother is over at her house now spending the night.  So I got to talk to her for a little while, which was nice.

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