Monday, May 14, 2012

Nearing the End

Since our AP U.S. history test was Friday, we spent about half of the class period talking until the teacher put Forrest Gump in.  We only watched about fifteen minutes or so, and I don't know if we're watching it again tomorrow.  Even if we were, we wouldn't finish it, and tomorrow is my last day.  Anyway, I've never actually seen that movie all the way through.  I've only seen bits and pieces of it, but it actually seemed more familiar than I thought it would.  I guess it's possible I've seen the whole thing and only remember parts of it.

AP English was spent going over satire in preparation for that AP test, which is on Wednesday.  My teacher also asked me today if I could keep her updated every so often while I'm in college.  She said she'd like to know how our school's English department did at preparing me to be an English major in college.  I guess she hasn't had many students who've decided to study English.  She seemed pretty happy about it when I told her the other day that that was what I planned to study.

There are still a few minor things Ji and I have to do with our assigned yearbook pages tomorrow, and then we'll be done!  It feels great to be so close to being finished on something you've worked on all year.  To be completely honest, I'll be so glad it's done.  This yearbook has put me through a done of stress, but I'm happy to have accomplished it.  It's crazy thinking back to the workshop last summer and all of the ideas the yearbook teacher and I had (since no one else showed up) and then thinking about how many of those ideas we used, how we expanded them, and how we got the yearbook we ended up with.  The yearbook won't be perfect by any means, and I know hardly anyone will really appreciate it, but I know how much hard work went into it to make it.  I'm just glad to get it over with as well.

As I've completely finished all of my work for computer applications, I spent that entire class just writing random things.  In psychology, everyone was taking notes on the next chapter, but three of the four seniors (including me) don't have to take the next test since we'll be gone.  Haley, Jordan, and I just kind of listened and did everything we normally do during lessons without taking notes.

We started playing our last current events game in current events today.  I won't really be sad to be done with that, but it's strange that it'll be over considering it also means I'm done with high school.  Our team is winning though!  We'll find out tomorrow if we can stay in the lead and win the last game of the school year!

We had our debate in probability and statistics today, and it went rather well.  My nerves caused me to stumble over my words a bit, particularly in the beginning, but overall I think I did a pretty good job at arguing our viewpoint: pros of technology in schools.  It went really well.

Work was quite stressful today as it seemed everyone wanted to complain about something, which ruined my mood that had been so great earlier in the day.  Tomorrow's my last day of high school ever though, and I'm not letting anything get me down.  I'm going to enjoy it.  Wow, I can't believe I've finally reached this point.  I wonder how tomorrow will go.

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