Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Drama Review

Yesterday I finally finished watching the Ouran High School Host Club live action drama.  I'd been meaning to watch it for a really long time before I actually got around to it.  I love Ouran.  It was the first anime where I watched the entire series and the first manga I ever read, although I'm behind on the manga.

I loved the live action drama.  At first it seemed as if it was going to be exactly like the anime, but it didn't take very long to prove that that wasn't the case.  Parts of it were different from the anime and manga, but the whole thing was definitely Ouran.  When I first started watching it, I was unsure about the actors, but the grew on me, and by the time I was done watching, I loved every single one of them in their roles.  The whole series was just amazing.  I don't think it's possible to have done a better job at adapting the series.

I know there's a movie that's either coming out or has already come out in Japan, and hopefully I'll watch that some day.  I'd love to see what they did for the movie since I loved the series so much.

Honestly, I can't express how much I love Ouran: the manga, anime, and live action drama.  It's all amazing.  I just love this series so much.

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