Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Many Cute Animals

Today was the first day I didn't have anything school-related to do.  It felt extremely weird, since my brother and sister both left early this morning, and I spent the whole day alone at home.  I'm used to at least one of my siblings being here during the summer.

I spent the entire morning reading, and now I've spent the past hour or so attempting to read some more, but I keep getting distracted.  My brother just came into my room to tell me that a rabbit had a litter of bunnies on the school playground, and now he and my sister are going to go check it out.  I turned down going with them because I want to get some reading done (after sitting here all day, I'm insane).  I may go down there later by myself, but there's also a part of me that things disturbing them probably isn't a great idea anyway, even if they're incredibly adorable.

Anyway, I'm going to go read some more about communism in Hollywood during the Great Depression...  (And maybe go check some bunnies out after supper.)

As I was getting ready to post this, my friend Katrina sent me a picture or her new puppy.  It's adorable as well!  So many cute animals today...

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