Monday, September 7, 2009

First Post

Were to begin...

I'm sitting here on Labor Day September 7, 2009 (which just happens to also be my sister's birthday) writing this blog.

I had a blog a year or two ago, but never kept up with it. Let's hope I do better this time! I've been wanting to do this for a while, but never got around to it.

What I've done today: Absolutely nothing! Well, I obviously had to do something. I am typing this blog. That's something. I guess I've just done nothing interesting. I did join Cullens Online today. I wrote a blog on there which led to this blog being created. If you're a Twilight fan, I definitely recommend checking them out at I also did AP World History homework. You get my point. Nothing interesting. I won't bore you with that anymore.

Blog title: Okay, I'm sure you read the title of the blog and thought "how unoriginal is that." I completely agree. I think I need a title that gives a little glimplse into who I am and what I write about before you even read the blog. Problem is, I can't think of anything. I suck at coming up with titles. If you've read my fanfiction, you know this. My current story is called Avatar: The Next Generation. How much more unoriginal can you get? I need help! Please leave suggestions. They can be funny or serious or stupid or smart as long as they fit me. Of course, now you're asking "Well, who are you?" Which leads me too...

Who am I: Along with being horrible at titles, I'm also horrible and describing myself and just people in general. (I'm setting myself up as a horible writer aren't I.) I'm going to do the best I can here. Here are some things that describe me: book worm, nerd, Harry Potter fan, Twilight fan, weird, Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, writer, daydream all the time, Little House fan, Ouran High School host club fan, One Life to Live fan, fan of so many more things, Catholic, Sophomore in high school, 16 years old, favorite animal: snowy owl, favorite food: tacos, Favorite color: purple. Those are just a few things I am. I left out things I'm not really proud of. You'll just have to figure those out on your own. And yes, believe it or not, I am very proud to be a nerd and weird. It makes life funner.

I thought, since I suck at describing myself, we could make it fun. If you want, send me questions. I'll do a whole blog post on whatever you ask me. Sound good? I'm not expecting a lot, but please, if you read this blog, leave at least one. Even if you know me in real life. It can be a serious question or some random, pointless question. Random, pointless questions are always fun.

I know I left out a lot of things, but it's getting late and I have school tomorrow. Oh joy. Please note the sarcasm there. I may be a nerd, but waking up early and learning about geometry and chemistry is not fun for me either. In fact, it has to be something pretty exciting to ever make up for waking up early. I say all this, but I actually think I wake up pretty early for a teenager. Wow. Lots of rambling. That's something you're going to learn about me quick. I ramble. When talking and people can stop me that's no problem. When writing a blog were I can keep going and going and going... Well, who knows how long I will go...

Well, like I said, I have to go. My mom and sister came in and are distracting me. Hope you find me at least some what interesting and check back soon for updates!

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