Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's been three days since my last post, so I figure it's about time I posted again. Nothing has really happened though, so this will probably be pretty short.

I gave my speech in speech class on Thursday and was only in the time limit by 12 seconds. I got pretty lucky! I found out I got an A on it Friday!

Friday was also Homecoming which means we had a pep rally during school. Key Club was sponsoring a contest where one of the teachers had to kiss a donkey. My best friend and I (We're members of Key Club by the way.) were working the table were they came up to put money in the jar for which teacher they want to win. Mr. Collins, the guidance counselor, came up with a huge bag of coins, and asked me to open the top of Mrs. Damm's (She's the teacher in charge of Key Club) jar, so he could pour the money in.

Another teacher (I don't know his name) came over and asked Mr. Collins what he was doing. Mr. Collin's replied, "She started this! She's going to have to kiss the donkey!" Each teacher was with partners and this teacher happened to be Mrs. Damm's partner, so he didn't put any money in. He was laughing though.

Then, my chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sanders, walked by and Mr. Collins called over to her and told her to come over. She did, and he told her she should put money in. Mrs. Sanders sayed she didn't have much money, but she would put a few coins in. She didn't put them in Mrs. Damm's though. I can't even remember whose she put it in.

Later on, the vice principal, Mrs. Gladish, came over with a big bag of coins and poured them in too. It was hilarious how they were all ganging up on Mrs. Damm. A little while after Mrs. Gladish left, Mrs. Damm walked by and Summer called for her to come over to the table. She did, and Summer said, "Look what they did."

Mrs. Damm was like, "Did they put my jar in front?" Which they had put her's in front of everyone else.

"Yeah," Summer said, "But lift it up. It's really heavy." Mrs. Damm did and started laughing. She looked inside and saw that there was even a ten dollar bill in there. She walked over to where a few teachers were standing and they started giving each other a hard time. Needless to say, Mrs. Damm had to kiss a donkey that afternoon.

I actually went to the game that night. It was the first football game I'd been to since 5th or 6th grade, and only my second I've ever been too. We won! We were playing against the third best team in the state too! We're undefeated so far! I don't really care about sports at all, but I still think that's pretty awesome!

That ended up being longer than I thought it would.

Haley (hmweasley)

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