Friday, September 25, 2009

Six days!

Nothing has been happening here, hence why I haven't blogged in six days. This is probably going to be short, and I'm probably going to forget things I wanted to blog about because of how long it's been.

I finished The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen about five days ago. It was so awesome! I recommend everyone (at least teen girls) read it! It's about a girl named Macy whose father died a year and a half ago, but she's still really depressed about it. She's been trying to be perfect since then. She makes some new friends (including a boy named Wes) one summer and learns "the truth about forever" hence the title of the book. I'm sure you can find better summaries online.

Today wasn't all that great of a day. It wasn't bad really, just normal, but it is now probably the best day I've had in a while. You want to know why? J.K. Rowling got a Twitter account! Her username is jk_rowling if you want to follower her.

I think that's it. I know I'm going to remeber stuff as soon as I post this, but if I forgot anything to important, I'll just write another blog.

Haley (hmweasley)

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