Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Vampire Diaries

I'm beginning writing this during commercials of Vampire Diaries.

It's weird. I barely watch TV. All of my favorite TV shows have ended, but now I think I'll be watching Glee and Vampire Diaries.

I do have a few problems with Vampire Diaries though. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a Twilight fan, but I also have a lot of problems with Twilight. I'm not a vampire fan. I'm actually a werewolf fan (One reason why I'm Team Jacob.), and I find Bella and Edward really annoying. I don't like Stephenie Meyer's writing, but I do enjoy the story even if I think Bella is too helpless. And I don't care what anyone says, trying to kill yourself when you think someone you love has died and not being creeped out when you find out someone has been sneaking in your room is not normal. Obviously, I don't read the books because of Bella and Edward. I do enjoy that part of the books, but I find the werewolves more interesting.

Anyway, I didn't mean to go on that rant about Twilight. Back to Vampire Diaries. I know that the Vampire Diaries series of books was published before Twilight, but having read Twilight before watching this, I can't help thinking about the similarities. I do like that the main character doesn't seem to be as helpless as Bella.

This show is like Twilight in another way. I have no clue why, even though I can find so many things I hate about it, I still really want to watch the series. It's like vampire series brainwash you or something. Why can't there be a werewolf series! The only one I can think of is Blood and Chocolate. (Which I want to read, but I've heard it can be kind of graphic. I don't know.) If you know of any good werewolf books (particularly series) please let me know!

Also, I'd like to quickly remind you to vote on the poll over on the side. Last I checked there was a tie between Weasley's Worries and Been There, Read That. There are 5 days left to vote!

Haley (hmweasley)

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