Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finals and PSATs

It feels like all I've done the past three days is school work! Monday and Tuesday I had finals and today (Wednesday) I took the PSATs.

I realized that I mentioned my speech in my last blog, but not the other finals I took. I took two other finals Monday and one on Tuesday. I got an A- on my J.K. Rowling speech. Which is great because, since it was considered my final, it counted as 20% of my final grade in the class. I'm not entirely sure what my final grade in speech is though.

My world history final actually ended up being really easy. My art final was really easy too. I haven't seen my grade on either one yet, but I'm not worried.

My geometry final wasn't hard, but it was long. I got an A on it which I'm really happy about it. I know that my final grade in there is an A as well.

I took my chemistry final on Tuesday. I found out today that I got a C. It didn't surprise me at all. I had an A- in chemistry all nine weeks, but the final brought it down to a B+. It's still a good grade though, so I'm not complaining.

Today, I took the PSATs. I was really worried, but they were a lot easier than I expected. I think I did pretty good. Everyone else was complaining about the English part because they said they didn't know any of the words, but I knew a majority of them. Just shows you that reading a lot pays off.

I started health today which I'm taking now that speech is over. (They're both only nine week classes.) It seems like it will be very boring. I had to try really hard to stay awake through the whole class. All we talked about was how not only your physical health is important. You should make sure you have good mental/emotional and social health too. I don't know how they dragged that out for at least 5 pages, but they managed to. It also doesn't help that almost every annoying kid in my grade is in that class.

As you can tell, my last few days have pretty much been taken up by school. I can not wait for fall break. Even if it is only a Friday and a Monday.

My school is playing our biggest rival in football this Friday, and I'm looking forward to going to the game. I have to babysit during this mission my church is having tomorrow too. I'm not really looking forward to that.

Haley (hmweasley)

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