Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Day of Doing Nothing

There's only one thing that's even slightly interesting that I have to talk about today.

I went to church today. Not exciting because I go to church every Sunday, but something happened that wasn't like every other Sunday. Some elderly lady fainted in the middle of mass. It was freaky. I was just listening to the priest and then all of a sudden there's this boom. I knew someone had fallen, but I couldn't really see anything. The whole church was looking around. Father kept going, but when he got to the point where we're supposed to go up to communion he stopped. Meanwhile, someone had called 911, and some others were helping the lady. She was kind of laying in the aisle. Father went down there for a little bit. After a while, he went back up on the altar and said we'd continue with communion, but some people were going to have to walk through a pew because the lady was in the aisle. Then a paramedic came, and he was helping her when mass ended and everyone left. I hope she's alright. And that was the only remotely interesting thing to happen to me today.

The sad thing, I've done absolutely nothing today, but I didn't read any of Dear John, watch any of Naruto, or write anything for my fanfic. All I've done is read fanfic and do other stuff on the computer. I'm probably going to read some of Dear John tonight though. I may even watch an episode of Naruto. I'll see.

Sadly, with it being Christmas break, I'm probably not going to be doing anything all week (until New Year's Eve at least). I'm determined to start working on chapter seven of my fanfic tomorrow.


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