Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So... I've got nothing to talk about today. It still feels like afternoon to me (I'm writing this at about 7:30). I didn't wake up until noon though.

I haven't read any of Dear John by Nicholas Sparks or watched any of Naruto.

Since I have nothing else to talk about, I'll recommend fanfictions instead:

The first is You Want To Make A Memory? by Potter on It's a Maurader Era fanfiction. It starts in their first year, and Harry's been born where it is now. It's still ongoing, but obviously it will probably be finished soon.

Bending the Fish and Fishing For Rocks by guyw1tn0nam3 on It's a Tokka fanfiction. It's actually a set of drabbles that goes along with their other fanfiction. You should check out both.

And last but not least, Someday the dream will end by tdfireproof on It's a Leah/Embry fanfiction. There's a sequel called The first day without a sun which isn't finished yet, but they're currently writing What Fate took from Embry which is kind of follows same story as the others but some things are changed. You should read all three! Just as a warning though, the first is rated T, but the other two are rated M.

I hope you check out the fanfictions!


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