Monday, December 21, 2009

Finals, the Brady Bunch, and Christmas Presents

Today was the first day of finals. I think I may have gotten a B on my chemistry final which would be better than midterms (I got a C). The health final was easy. I'm sure I got an A on it.

Tomorrow I have AP World History, Intro to 2D Art, and Geometry finals. Our geometry teacher had us figure out what our final grade will be based on what we get on the final. I figured out that I can get a 50% on the final and still pass the class with an 87%, so I'm not worried about that at all. (Not that I'm planning to get a 50%!)

We watched the Brady Bunch in world history. It'd been so long since I've seen that show! I used to watch it every day when I was little. I don't know if it even comes on TV anymore.

My best friend Summer gave people bags of candy for Christmas today, so I've been eating chocolate since I got home. She said she'd bring my present tomorrow, and I need to remember to take hers too.

Only one more day of school left, and four more days till Christmas!


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