Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five More Days! If Only There Weren't Stupid Finals.

Hey, look I updated two days in a row!

I didn't do much today except go to church and a confirmation class.

I don't think it hit me how close it is to Christmas until right before church when I realized it was the last Sunday of Advent. Only five more days! And only two days of school!

I'm really stressed out about finals tomorrow and Tuesday. I have chemistry and health tomorrow. Health will be easy, but I'm a little worried about chemistry. I still can't name the strong acids and bases, and I hope I don't get the formulas mixed up. Does anyone even remember chemistry after high school? I know most people don't know the difference between a single replacement reaction and a synthesis reaction, or the idea gas law. (If anyone does I'd be really impressed.) Just have to keep in mind that when I make it through finals it's Christmas break!

For some reason I decided to watch Avatar today. Maybe it's because I was so stressed about finals. I watched Ember Island Players and parts one and two of Sozin's Comet. I would have watched all of Sozin's Comet, but I had to go to confirmation. Before today, I hadn't watched Avatar in months. I think I feel in love with it all over again. I was so stressed out, but it cheered me up. I laughed so much. I just wish I could have finished Sozin's Comet.

We had a confirmation class today. I'm Catholic and we have to go to classes before we get Confirmed (Confirmation's one of the seven sacraments where you recieve the Holy Spirit). This is my secong and last year. I'll be confirmed in May. Today, we talked about scripture. I thought it would be even more boring than usual (and it's usually pretty boring) because my best friend wasn't going and I had (and still have) a horrible headache. It actually ended up being pretty funny though. That may just be because I was super tired, and I find everything funny when I'm tired.

Yesterday, I posted about talking about Naruto and books, well I may post about fanfiction to. I read a whole lot of fanfic (Harry Potter, Avatar, and Twilight mainly). I probably won't talk about it in detail just recomend some good ones I've read every so often.

I haven't begun readiing Dear John yet, so I don't have anything to say about it yet.

Episode 23 of Naruto:

I really liked episode 23. I lot of people have said the this arc is their favorite and I can see why. A whole lot of new chracters are being introduced, and you're finding out some cool information. My only problem is I have a hard time remebering characters names especially when they're Japanese names, and it's even harder when there are 20 new characters in an episode. I only remember a few of the new characters names. I'm sure I'll get them eventually.

It's interesting watching these episodes when I already know a lot of spoilers (I've read stuff on the internet and seen some of the American dub on Disney XD). I may have more to say on this episode tomorrow (because I'm determined to blog again!) when I'm hopefully not as tired and don't have a horrible headache.

I think that's all. I'm off to study for my chemistry final some more. Those acids and bases are really annoying me!


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