Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No More School in 2009!

Today has been a good day.

Finals in AP world history and art were both pretty easy. I think I got at least a B on both finals. Mrs. Schroeder (the art teacher) even gave us brownies since it was the last day! Although it's not actually my last day since I'm taking another art class the second half of the year. Not fun since I hate art. I have no artistic ability at all no matter what Mrs. Schroeder or my parents say about the horrible paintings and things I bring home.

I gave my best friend Summer her present. She gave me the Twilight journals! They're pretty cool. There's one journal for each book, and each journal has quotes from the book it goes with.

We watch a movie (Mr. Deeds I think it's called) in chemistry. Mrs. Sanders wasn't there which was sad. She's one of my favorite teachers and it was the last day in chemistry.

The final in geometry wasn't that hard. I got an 88% (B). Mr Schulte grades quickly. He had them graded almost as soon as we finished. I wish the other teachers could be that quick. He gave us candy canes too.

The only other class is health, and all we did in there was watch some boring video. I'm glad that class is over. It's so boring that half the class sleeps, and the other half is trying very hard not to fall asleep. (I'm the second, but I think there was one time I feel asleep for a few seconds. It's so hard to stay awake when the teacher starts ranting!)

For the last half hour of fourth block, we had a Christmas assembly/program. It was awesome! Wyatt sang a song about Hanukkah just like last year. I'm not sure if he wrote it or got it from somewhere, but it's hilarious. The French II class sang some Christmas carols in French. Daniel played the guitar. He is an amazing guitar player! Better than a lot of professionals even. The Rebel Singers (they're our school's show choir) sang the Glee version of Don't Stop Believing. They were amazing! They were good last year, but amazing this year. Everyone loved it. Then the teachers showed one of those videos were you take someone's picture, put it on an elf's body, and the elf dance. You know what I'm talking about? The had the vice principal, principal, guidance counselor, and this guy who works at the school but I don't actually know what he does (I know he's not a teacher). It was hilarious!

Fanfiction recommendation:

If you're an Avatar fan who ships Tokka, you should read I'd Lie by Kyoshi7989 on fanfiction.net. It's a real world Tokka fic. (Meaning it takes place in a world like ours not the Avatar world, so no bending.) It's completed, and she just started a sequel the other day although she's not promising to actually finish the sequel. It doesn't matter. Even though the sequel's awesome, the first stands on it's own fine. The fic is awesome. I love her Toph and Sokka so much! In fact, you should read it even if you don't ship Tokka! You could probably read it even if you're not an Avatar fan and still understand everything. (Not that I'm trying to hard to get you to read it or anything...)

I'm so glad school's out for Christmas break! I'm staying up late tonight, and sleeping in tomorrow!

Only three more days till Christmas!


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  1. Apparently I Google myself so much that I actually found this blog entry by searching "fanfiction.net kyoshi7989."

    It's pathetic, ikr?

    But your paragraph on my fic made me happy. =) Thanks.


    P.S. Hope this isn't too creepy!