Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Outline For My Fanfic

Something I forgot to put in the last post. After finals in geometry I was sitting there bored, and decided to write an outline for my Avatar fanfic. I now have an outline for the next five chapters! Now that I have a clear idea in exactly what chapter everything's going to happen, hopefully it'll be updated sooner!

The fanfiction won't be ending after those five chapters, but there will be a new arc in the storyline I guess. Azula will still be the main villian (I hope that doesn't give to much away), but different things will be happening. I guess you could think of it like a different season in a TV show.

I'm a little worried because I'm going to have to write fight scenes in just a couple chapters, and I've never done that before. Also (SLIGHT SPOILERS) some characters are going to be tortured. I have no idea how to write that, but I will do my best and hope it's good!

I'm going to go try and write some now!


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