Saturday, December 19, 2009


I say I'm going to update more often, and then don't update for two months. That is the story of my life. I've got to get better about that.

There was a point where I said I was going to give up on this blog completely because I should spend the time I use to update on working on my fanfiction (which hasn't been updated for longer then this blog). It's easier to write a blog though. I need to come up with a plan on when to blog and when to write my fanfic. It would make things easier. I try, but then just give up. I wonder if there's any one who even cares about my fanfic now. I promise to update it at some point! Hopefully, I'll get some writing done over Christmas break!

Speaking of Christmas, I'm so excited! Only six days!

I've been having so many problems with my laptop lately! I hate it! It's gotten better, but it's still really slow and won't let me watch videos. If it does happen to let me watch a video, then the video skips so much that you can barely understand it. I've gotten so behind on my Youtube subscriptions.

Going back to writing. is writing a book, and they want fans to send things in for it. It would be pretty cool to be published in a book, so I may do that. It wouldn't be a longer term thing, so it wouldn't interefere with this blog or my fanfic much. The only thing is, I wouldn't be updating my fanfic over Christmas break. So, we'll see if I do that or not.

Finals are Monday and Tuesday! Monday I have chemistry and health finals. Health will be nothing, but I'm a little worried about chemistry. I got a C on my last chemistry final (Or midterm I guess. We call them finals, but they're actually midterms.) I should study this weekend, but it's Saturday night and I haven't bothered to. I have confirmation tomorrow, so who knows if I'll study tomorrow either. That's not good... I'll try to study tonight.

What else...

A lot has happened in the two months, but I think I'm going to stop there. I don't think I'm missing anything huge.

Oh wait! The Half-Blood Prince DVD! It was awesome! I loved all the special features, and watching the movie again was great!

Okay. Now I think I'm done. I'll try to update more often, but I'm not promising anything.



  1. ur blog is boring is mine this boring i didn't even read the whole thing u write tomuch make em short and sweet thats wat i did but i guess i am just lazy but i dont care

  2. Regina, most blog's aren't super short. And that isn't really that long.