Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

I spent my weekend just laying around the house, and getting on the internet. Nothing out of the usual.

I keep forgetting to upload those Avatar fics to I swear it will get done at some point.

I watched episode 32 of Naruto the other day. Great episode! I loved everything with Sakura. *Slight Spoilers* I think it's sad that her and Ino are no longer friends just because of a boy. You should never fight with your friends over something like that! Friends are way more important than boys!

We got a lot of snow Friday night. I think it was six inches or somewhere around there. My mom says there may be a chance we don't have school tomorrow because the back roads may not even be clear yet. I'm not getting my hopes up though. Whenever I start thinking we'll have a snow day, we never do. Then again, that may be a good thing. Snow days may be fun, but when we're making them up later, I'm going to regret ever wanting them. So, right now, it's a very complicated inner struggle whether I want a snow day tomorrow or not.

I've been working on my sketchbook for art over the weekend. So far I have four pictures. One of my cell phone, a bookstore, me as a teacher, and a forest. The forest one is particularly horrible. The leaves just make it look like I just scribbled all over the page (probably because I did). I can not draw trees at all. We had to draw a tree in class, but I got off easy then because it was an evergreen trees. Evergreens are way easier to draw. Their leaves are just lines instead of all these complicated shapes. I still have six more drawings that have to be done by Wednesday.

I'm saying this right now, and if I don't end up going through with it, then I'll have to punish myself some how. If we have a snow day tomorrow, then I will get (at least) the Kataang story I wrote up. I'm not sure how good our chances are of a snow day. It's incredibly likely that it won't get up tomorrow.


Friday, January 29, 2010


Not really much had happened to me over the past three days.

I have to go to a confirmation thing tomorrow. It's five or six hours long, and will probably take up my whole entire Saturday. On top of that, it's about an hour away and it may snow tonight. Different people say we're supposed to get different amounts of snow. If we have to drive all the way there, I hope the roads are clear. Of course, I wouldn't be to upset if they rescheduled it...

Yesterday was 8th grade night at my sister's (and my old) school. My sister's in 8th grade and she played her last basketball game there. We realized that this was probably the last basketball game we'd go to there because my little brother doesn't play basketball. It makes me sad. I have to convince my brother to play.

I can't think of anything else to talk about except school. Nothing exciting really happened.

I don't want to go to the Confirmation Spectacular thing tomorrow. Mainly because I have no clue what we're going to do, and I'm going with a girl that I rarely talk to. In middle school, I talked to her every day, but now it's incredibly rare that I talk to her. It's like that with almost everyone from my middle school class. There were only 12 of us when we left the school (I think the biggest our class got was 20 something kids), and we were stuck in one classroom all day with each other. Now, in high school, I only actually talk to one of those kids (my best friend). I like this girl, but being in a car with her for two hours is going to be a little awkward. Plus, her best friend is also going to be there making it more awkward. I don't have anyone to talk to at the thing, so I may just end up awkwardly following them around feeling like I'm being annoying.

Sorry for that rant. I didn't mean to post all that, but I'm really worried about this. I always feel awkward about this type of stuff. I wish I wasn't so shy, and this was easier. (It also doesn't help that my ex-best friend may come, and she hangs out with these people. If I stay with them, and she's with them too, it could become even more awkward.) Wow. This may become one of the most awkward days of my life.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Future Zoo Owner

We had another snow day today! I'm always happy to get out of school, but I know I won't be happy when we have to make it up.

I really should have edited those Avatar stories I wrote and posted them, but that just now came to mind now as I was typing. If we get another school day tomorrow (it's doubtful, but you never know) then I'll try to do that.

I finished watching the Star Wars special features today! I've now watched all six movies and the special features except for the commentaries. I don't know if I'm going to go back and watch the commentaries or not. I like watching commentaries, but I'll probably wait until a school break (spring break) or something.

I found out my grandma got a cat. I really want to see it now. I don't know why I'm so interested. I just really love cats, and I can't have one for a pet. When I live on my own, I'm getting a cat as soon as I can. I'm actually getting a rat first, and possibly a snake. I also want a dog. I kind of want a bird just to name it Hedwig, but I don't think I would like a bird. I want a horse too, but they're way to much money and take a whole lot of time. Plus, I don't know how to ride one. I love rabbits, hamsters, turtles, and other small animals too. It'll be interesting to see how many pets I have when I'm older. Of course, all of them will be spayed/neutered and most or all of them will be rescued. Basically, I may own a zoo when I'm older. I'm going to have to get someone to keep me from going broke from buying/caring for so many animals.

I read chapter seven of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbugge. It talked about how Jesus' birth would have been humiliating for Jesus. It was interesting.

I wonder if we'll have school tomorrow...


Monday, January 25, 2010

Smoke Bending

I watched episode 31 of Naruto Saturday night. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as amazing as the other episodes I've watched recently.

I didn't really do much on Sunday.

We had a test in world history today. I think I did pretty good. Normally whenever we have a test with an essay I can barely think of anything to write, but this time I had to force myself to stop writing because it was getting pretty long. Hopefully that's a good sign.

I'm almost done with my current drawing in art. The teacher came over today and said it looks really good, so I figure I'll get a good grade on it.

We started a project in child development today. We have to make a comic strip about family. She wants it to be funny. I think I'm going to base mine on the true story of when my brother (as a baby) peed on my aunt. It was hilarious, but I feel weird doing a comic about peeing in school. I've got no other good ideas though. We also started watching a video with a bunch of famous people in it. Tom Hanks is the host and Robin Williams and Oprah have both been in it so far. I can't really remember the name, but it talks about how the first three years of a child's life are important.

I got a 100% on my Spanish quiz today! I needed it after getting my first ever F on a test in that class. I don't know if I posted that on here. There were actually only three or four people in the class that passed the test. Definitely means I'm going to be studying a WHOLE lot harder in the future. The same day though, I got extra credit in the class because I was one of only two people that had their homework done. It pays to do what you're supposed to. I have another quiz in there tomorrow, so hopefully it's also a 100.

We has a sub in English. Pretty much all we did was go over the answers to our vocab and watch a movie. I can't remember the name of the movie. (I think it was white something.) It was about wolves, and the baby wolf was so cute! The sub we had is probably the most annoying sub that comes to our school. She does everything super slowly. She's apparently a retired teacher, but I don't see how. She has a really hard time controlling everyone (they were incredibly annoying today), and she never seems to know what's going one even when it should be common sense. How slow she talks really annoys me. It takes forever for us to do something because she takes forever just to get a sentence out. It might be because she's really old, but it still bugs me. I think all of that sounded a lot meaner then I meant it to be.

I say the new posters for The Last Airbedner today! They look awesome, but I'm slightly annoyed that it looks like Aang's bending smoke instead of air. I wonder if he could bend smoke... I'm not entirely sure what smokes made of. I also found out that there's going to be a commercial for it during the Superbowl! Yay! And the trailer's premiering with Percy Jackson! I already kind of wanted to see Percy Jackson, but now I'm most definitely going!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Actually Wrote Something (Just Not What I Should Have)

I had a lot of fun at my best friend Summer's house last night. We watched How to Deal which I'd never seen, and Half-Blood Prince which she'd never seen.

We went to Walmart and Summer found some seasons of The O.C. which is one of Summer's favorite shows. She had to buy the first two seasons of course, so we watched a few episodes of that too. I'd never seen it before, but I actually ended up liking it.

What I don't understand is why Summer's (my best friend) favorite character is Summer (I wonder if it's only because of the name.) because I just find her annoying. Summer says that she gets better in later episodes, but in the episodes I saw I though she was annoying.

Wow, that last paragraph is confusing with the two different Summers.

I mentioned the short Kataang story I wrote a while ago. I said I'd post it on and then never did. I got bored in school on Friday and wrote two more. One's Tokka and One's Maiko. All three fit in with my long fanfiction I'm writing. I plan on posting all three. I may even write more short little stories that fit in with my main story. I think they're all pretty cute. It's not really romance, just cute little stories about their families. I really like them, and I promise to get to work on my main fanfic soon! I should have worked on it in class...

I read another chapter of A Not-So-Silent Night. It was interesting.

We're finally watching the special features for the original Star Wars trilogy. We're watching it right now, so I'm trying to write this quickly. I'll probably remember something I meant to write later. Now, I'm going to go focus on the TV.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lots and Lots of Homework

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I had a ton of homework! It wasn't much better today, so let's hope that I have a lot less tomorrow and Friday. Particularly Friday because I'm going over to my best friend Summer's house! Yay! It'll be the first time I've been to her new house. One of us has been doing something pretty much every weekend since she moved.

On Tuesday in world history, we watched a video about the March of the Children since Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was pretty interesting. They even had interviews from people who were a part of it. I'm so happy that the United States is no longer like that. The police even brought out a dog that bites. They didn't care if the dog bite children just because the children were black. That's disgusting. I almost cried at the end of the video.

I hate drawing. I absolutely suck at it. I had to bring my drawing home tonight and finish it because I'm to slow to just work on it in class. I'm incredibly happy that it's finished, but now I just have to start another one.

We watched videos both yesterday and today in child development. Yesterday we watched one about 10 things every child needs and today we watched one about adoption. We have a test tomorrow, but I'm not really worried about it.

Yesterday we took out first test in Spanish II. I'm not sure how I did. I'm guessing I got a C maybe a B. I really hope it's nothing lower than that. I hope she's finished grading them tomorrow, so I can see what I got.

The main reason I have so much homework is English. I've had Spanish and drawing homework too, but together they make up about one third of the homework I've had. Mrs. Meyer (my English teacher) seems to love giving as much homework as possible. She told us at the beginning of the year that she believed in giving homework every single day, but I didn't realize she meant this much. She hasn't let us down. Every day so far, we've had at least three different homework assignments in her class. Today we had four. Luckily, I was able to get one of them done in class.

I watched the new Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD tonight. It was good. I don't really have much to say about it. Even with all of the spoilers, there's still something that confuses me every episode because of all the episodes I haven't seen. Naruto is definitely a series you want to watch from the beginning. It gets confusing coming in in the middle.

Hopefully, I won't have too much homework tomorrow, and I'll have time to post a blog.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is Confusing

If you haven't realized how much of a nerd I am before, you'll know after this post.

Almost as soon as I woke up, I started watching Episode V of Star Wars. As soon as it went off, I watched Episode VI. Now all I have to watch is the original trilogy special features and I'll be done watching all of the Star Wars movies/special features. I love watching Star Wars. Before this it had been a few years since I'd last watched them.

Since then, I've pretty much just been watching videos from different anime cons from past years. It's made me want to become a voice actor even more. I've always loved acting and wanted to be an actress, but I decided I'd become a teacher instead because it'd be easier to get a job and stuff plus I really do want to be a teacher. I still kind of think that, but I really do want to act. I have decided though, that no matter what else I do, I'm going to write. Who knows if I'll ever get anything published, but I'm still going to write.

I've the most horrible headache all day. It's one of those headaches I get sometimes that once I have it, it doesn't go away until I go to sleep. My day would have been a lot better without it.

I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow. I absolutely do not want to go. I'm a little worried on how I'm going to do on tomorrow's Spanish II test.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Friends

Today has been pretty awesome. What's weird is that it was just a plain, normal day until about half an hour ago. Let me explain why today is so awesome.

I became best friends with this girl named Katrina in kindergarten. We've remained friends until this day, and she is my oldest friend who I still talk to. That being said, I've barely talked to her for the past two years. The last time I saw her in person was at my grandma's showing (before her funeral) over Christmas break when I was in 8th grade (I'm now a sophomore). Since then we've only spoken on Myspace, and since I rarely use Myspace, we only spoke maybe every three or four months. Sometimes it was even longer. Finally, I got kind of tired of that. It had gotten to the point were the absolute only reason I got on Myspace was to talk to her, and I wanted to talk to her more often. So, I sent her a message on Myspace and gave her my number. We've now been talking for the past hour. Mostly we've just talked about pointless things and I absolutely love it! I've missed her so much! We've talked about seeing each other over the summer too. I can't wait!

Anyway, on to the normal part of my day. Remember me mentioning how I was never going to sit by my sister in church again because she was just to annoying? Well, we ended us sitting next to each other, and I made her move away from me. Even with our mom between us, she still managed to get annoying at one part of mass. It's amazing how she does that.

I watched Episode IV of Star Wars with my brother. My mom and sister watched part of it too. My sister (who knows nothing about Star Wars) was annoying. She kept asking questions that she would have found out the answer if she had paid attention, and every time they showed Darth Vader she had to make a comment about how sad it was that Anakin (she also refused to call him Darth Vader) was evil now.

I had religious ed tonight. Not really much to say. We had adoration, and a few people were extremely annoying throughout that. There are two parts were you're supposed to be quiet and pray or thank about God or something. They just randomly burst out laughing, and started talking and hitting each other. You would have though they were five. I'll be honest and say that I didn't really want to be there either, but they were incredibly annoying.

I read chapter five of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge. It talked about how Mary's and Zachariah's songs at certain points in the Bible are about war. That last sentence may not have made sense. These chapters are hard to summarize. Most of it needs to be explained in detail to make sense. Anyway, interesting chapter.

I watched episode 30 of Naruto! It was awesome! I'm happy that I finally got to see Orochimaru. (Well technically I'd already see him, but if you watch the show you know what I mean.) Since I know a how lot of spoilers, I got a little sad thinking about what's going to happen. I'm not sure how much I would have figured out without knowing spoilers, but knowing the spoilers, it seemed incredibly obvious what is going to happen later in the series. I mean Orochimaru said it out loud. I wonder if I would have caught on to that without spoilers.

We have no school tomorrow! Yay! I have a whole lot of homework and studying (Spanish II is incredibly hard already and all we've done is review) to do tomorrow though. That won't be fun.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

I'm going to try to write this quickly because two of my favorite Twilight fanfictions were updated, and I really want to go read both of them! One of these fanfictions hasn't been updated for months, and I've been going crazy. There's apparently only two (now one) chapters left, and I really want to know what happens!

I watched the Star Wars Episode III special features today. There was one hilarious part in one documentary were the guy who plays C-3PO finished his line and was supposed to walk of set while Padme and Obi-Wan talked. He's off camera and he trips on a board, falls over, and can't get back up. It was the most hilarious thing ever. Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman's faces when they heard the crash and then looked over and saw what had happened was hilarious! It still makes me laugh when I think of it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to write anything for the book anymore. I've thought about it, and while I have opinions on the topics, I don't know if I really want to write something about it. If I did, some of the things I have to say may piss of some Twilight fans (particularly my views on Bella, Edward, imprinting, and Stephenie's writing style). Who knows, I may end up writing something, but right now I don't think I will. Besides, I really do need to work on my fanfiction. It was one of my new years resolutions and I haven't worked on it yet this year.

I'm off to go read those fanfictions. Aterwards, I'm going to read the next chapter of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbugge, so I'll talk about that next post.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why the Younglings!?

If you're wondering about the title, it's referencing Episode III of Star Wars where *SPOILERS* Anakin/Darth Vader kills a of the little children training to become Jedi. That part is just so sad to me. The kids trust him and ask him what to do. Then he just pulls out his light saber the looks on their faces... I hate that part.

Anyway, sorry about that little rant. If you haven't guessed, I continued my Star Wars marathon by watching Episode III today. That means I'm half-way through!

I finished reading chapter 4 of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge in child development today. The teacher gave us time to work on out projects and I was already done. This chapter talked about how Mary would have disgraced her family by becoming pregnant before she was married. It's something that I think most people know even if they don't usually think about it. It actually raised an interesting idea about how Mary could have been kicked out of her house by her parents, and that's why she moved in with Joseph before they were officially married. It says that she shouldn't have needed to actually go to the census, and that maybe she only went because her family wanted her dead for the disgrace she brought on her family. The author says that Joseph may have brought Mary in order to protect her. It was a very interesting chapter.

I'm so happy it's a three-day weekend! I have so much homework though. I have a Spanish test to study for (and I really have to study). I have to finish reading a story for English, and study for a vocab quiz. I also want to get to drawing done for art. We have ten due on Febuary 3rd, but I want to get started earlier.

I also want to write something(s) for's book. I'm going to be really mad at myself if I never do that. I'm determined to have at least three written by the time I go back to school Tuesday. Preferably, I'll have more written.

So, things I must do tomorrow: write an essay or two for the book, watch Episode III special feature and possibly even Episode IV, and maybe even homework. Okay, who am I kidding, none of my homework will get done till Monday. I can at least make it look like I considered not procrastinating. (I really do need to work on not procrastinating. I'm really bad at it.)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Star Wars Filled Days

I wouldn't have written a blog today, but I didn't do one yesterday. I know that if I skip two days in a row then I'll probably stop updating altogether just like what happened before.

I realize I haven't talked about school for a while. That's because absolutely nothing's happened except getting a lot of homework. Besides, you don't want me to talk about school. All I'll do is rant about how much I hate it just like I did before.

I'm still watching all of the Star Wars movies. I watched some of the special features for Episode II. (I watched about two hours worth and still didn't get through all of it!) I don't know why, but I just got an urge to watch all of the Star Wars movies. It was my brother's choice to start with the newer trilogy before the original.

Back a few months ago, I think I talked about the book is writing, and how I wanted to write something for it. Well, (being me) I forgot all about it. The deadline is the end of this month, so I'm going to try my hardest to do that. This weekend (or tomorrow if I magically don't have homework) then I'll try to write as many as I can. Whatever I have done by the deadline, I'll send in. Let's up I'm able to write something and that they choose for it to be in the book.

That past couple days almost all I've done is watch Star Wars and do homework. It may have made me a little behind on the internet world (Youtube in particular), but I'm not complaining (about the Star Wars part at least).

I have a new Youtube video up at so please go check it out!


Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love Star Wars

Since getting home from school today, I've done nothing but watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I love Star Wars, and it's been forever since I've watched it.

We're currently watching the deleted scenes documentary. We're going to watch all of the special features and then move on the Episode II. We're going to watch all six episodes. I wonder how many days that will take us.

We skipped the audio commentary, but I think after we get through all of the movies I'm going to go back and watch those.

I have nothing else to talk about. Nothing really happened at school today (I wish we'd had a snow day though), and all I've done at home is watch Star Wars. Now, I want to get back to focusing on Star Wars.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


I completely forgot that there were some things I wanted to talk about today.

Firstly, I've been trying to promote the blog lately, and if you want to promote this blog to your family and friends I would be incredibly grateful. I'm not sure if anyone even reads this, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I'm going to start putting posts on So far, only yesterday's is up there, and I don't know if I'm going to have time to add more tonight. Please, go and digg them though.

Secondly, I'd really like to have a banner for this blog. The problem is I suck at graphics, and I don't know anyone who could make one. If you'd like to make one, then I would be incredibly grateful! And you would, of course, be given credit.


The End of the Four-Day Weekend

All that I did today was go to church, go out to eat, and film and edit a video for Youtube.

Remember back a while ago when I uploaded a vlog to Youtube? Well, that one sucked, so I decided to delete that one and try again. It is now currently saving to me computer (11 minutes remaining). After that I'll upload it to Youtube. I'll admit it's still not that great of a video, but I think it's a whole lot better than the old one. Once it's uploaded, you'll be able to find it at I'm not sure how often I'll make videos. Maybe it will be like last time, or maybe I'll start making them more often. Who knows. With school, it probably won't be incredibly often.

Speaking of school, we're supposed to go back tomorrow. A bunch of schools in our area already have delays and a few are closed. I'm hoping we'll at least get a delay. Our school tends to wait until the last minute to announce a closing or delay (which I hate). I really don't want to go to school tomorrow (not that I ever will). I have a feeling we'll go tomorrow, but I thought we would Thursday too and we didn't.

I have my fingers crossed for a five-day weekend!

Hey guys! This is my first mobile blog! Pretty cool. I don't think I'll be using this much because this is basically what Twitter's for, but you never know. I'll post an actual blog later.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Apple as Big as Your Head

I haven't done much today. I went outside for the first time since it snowed. In the dark too. It was freezing!

I finished chapter three of A-Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbugge. It talks about how whenever Bethlehem is referenced in the Bible, it's always associated with something sad. It was interesting.

I watched episode 29 of Naruto. My brother actually watched most of it with me. I was kind of surprised that he put up with the subtitles. Anyway, on to what I thought about the episode. It was amazing! I absolutely loved it!! The bodies with the faces melted off were creepy, but (thanks to spoilers) I already know what's going on with that. I also know who they're actually fighting which means I won't be taken by surprise when that's revealed. Maybe that will be less fun, but it's so hard to stay away from spoilers when they're everywhere. It's still fun to see how it happens though.

I saw most of Ratatouille too because it was on in the living room when I came down. I missed part of it to watch Naruto (definitely worth it). It's cute, but definitely not the best Pixar movie.

My sister, brother, and I just got into an argument over how big an apple is in proportion to my sister's head. I thought is was 1/5 or 1/4 the size of her head, my brother thought it was about 3/5, and my sister thought it was 1/2. Regardless, it was a very large apple. We're an odd family.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Four-Day Weekends Rock

So, today was our second day of no school. My mom said earlier today that she's not even sure if the snow will melt by Monday, so we may not have school then either. It doesn't help that it kept snowing on and off all day today.

Is it strange that we've had snow for two days yet, and I haven't even been out in it? I love walking on snow and feeling it crunch, but it's just too cold. Is it weird that I enjoy snow crunching when I walk on it? I love how sand feels when you walk on it too, but I hate trying to get it all off of you.

I finished chapter two of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge. The second chapter talked about how the birth of Jesus started a war between God and Satan. Definitely not something I'd ever though about before.

I also watched episode 28 of Naruto. It was absolutely amazing!! There was a decent amount of blood though, so I was cringing at regular intervals (I'm absolutely terrified of blood even in anime). Naruto being inside a giant snake was kind of interesting. Makes me wonder if the inside of a snake's stomach looks anything like it did in the show. Weird thing to wonder about maybe, but I can't help it. The person with the snake-like tongue who they were fighting most of the episode (like I said I'm bad at remembering character names) really freaks me out. Way creepier than Zabuza in my opinion, and Haku wasn't really scary at all (incredibly talented and could defintely have hurt them but not scary). I can't wait to see what happens next episode.

I finished an awesome fanfic today. It's called If Love is a Game... by Lanni Weasley on It's a Marauder Era Harry Potter fanfiction, so it you like those fanfics you should definitely go read it. The main ships are James/Lily, OC/Remus, and OC/Sirius, but there's just a little bit of OC/Peter, Lucius/Narcissa, Lucius/OC, and a few others. I absolutely loved it. There's a sequel which I haven't read yet, but it's not finished and by the look of things it never will be. Shouldn't stop you from reading the first one though. I think it stands pretty well on it's own.

That was basically my whole day. Maybe I'll actually do something interesting tomorrow. Okay, so I already know the answer to that is no, but maybe something will just happen out of nowhere. You never know.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

We had a SNOW DAY today! It was the first time it snowed this year (without it melting incredibly quickly afterwards). It's already been announced that school's closed tomorrow too, so four-day weekend!

I've literally done nothing today except be on the internet. I don't like going out in the snow. I think snow is really pretty, but it's way to cold.'s been down for about two days now, and I really want it to come back. They twittered that the site should be soon. I hope it comes back tonight!

My sister just came in here to annoy me. Going to try to get her out of my room.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Am Definitely Not a Poet

You ever get a headache that stays there the whole day and refuses to go away? That was me today. Why? Because I have a cold for the third time this year. I think I've mentioned that before, but my heads been killing me today so I mentioned it again.

I got assigned seats in drawing today. I know sit by three girls. Two of them spent the whole class talking bad about some girl I don't know. Oh, what a wonderful class this will be.

Mrs. Schroeder had us make a value scale in drawing today. It basically was a strip of paper that we had to completely shade in, gradually becoming darker to one side. I had graphite all over my hands. Then, we had to chose a tree to draw. Trees are probably my second least favorite things to draw after people (and guess what, there's a person in my picture that I have to draw too). They're just so hard to draw!

I had to write a poem about children in child development. I am not a poet. I write stories not poetry. It's the most horrible poem ever, and she's planning on hanging these in the hallway! I hope our names are on the back!

We took our first quiz in Spanish and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any! Yay! Now I can hopefully do that tomorrow.

One of our assignments for English was to read The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs. I don't like stories like that. The ones that kind of creep you out. The ending was really confusing too. I'm not sure what happened.

There's a good chance we'll have a snow day tomorrow! Three of my teachers brought it up, and told us to still do homework in case we have school. I hope we don't! I'd love to not have school. Plus, we haven't had snow that doesn't melt by noon yet this year. I love snow at first, but I start hating it pretty quickly. Or, I guess it'd be more appropriate to say that I hate the cold. I'd love snow a lot more if it wasn't always freezing, and it didn't get wet when it melts.

There's a new episode of Naruto Shippuden on Disney tonight, and afterwards People's Choice Awards comes on! Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz are both supposed to be there. Excited to see if Twilight wins anything. I don't know if Harry Potter is nominated or not. If it is, I haven't heard anything.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no school tomorrow!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Sucky Semester

I hate school. Okay, I don't hate it really, but I already know this semester won't be fun. I didn't really like the first semester of freshman year, but the two semesters after that were better. This semester is looking even worse than the first semester of freshman year.

I have pretty much no one to talk to in any class (and yes I know the point is to learn but still), but I could deal with all that if it wasn't for stupid, sucky lunch. I think I've explained this before, but I'll explain it again anyway. My school has two lunch periods, A and B. If you have a lunch, you have about 20 minutes of lunch and then go to your third block class. If you have B lunch, then you have about 20 minutes of your third block class, about 20 minutes of lunch, and then go back to third block. I'd hate this lunch anyway for several reasons: 1. It's later, and I'm always super hungry by lunch. 2. For some reason, the lunch line seems to be a whole lot longer. 3. I don't like leaving class and then going back.

But there's an even bigger reason why this lunch sucks. Not only do I have no classes with my best friend, I don't have lunch with her either. That means I get to talk to her for a total of maybe 10 or 15 minutes the whole day, but those minutes are split into about 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Speaking of friends, I only have about 3 or 4 friends in this lunch. These friends are not one group, but spread into different groups. In these groups, there are people that I don't feel comfortably sitting with (either because I barely know them and am really shy or because I don't like them). Today I felt incredibly awkward because I didn't know where to sit. I asked my friend Emily if I could sit with her and she said yes. I never talk with the people she sits with, but I felt more comfortable around them then any of the others. It wasn't bad or anything. It was actually pretty nice since I've barely talked to Emily since freshman year because we have no classes together. I feel a little better about lunch tomorrow now, but I'm still really upset about not having lunch with who I used to sit with. I felt more comfortabe sitting wiht them. And it would be nice to be able to talk to my best friend sometime durig the day.

Sorry about the ranting. I'm really not happy about this semester, so that may be happening kind of often. Warning for the future.

By the way, this is my fourth semester og high school. So far I'd probably say second semester of freshman year was my best semester, and this semester (second of sophomore year) is the worst. With first semester of sophomore year being second best.

We have our first quiz in Spanish II tomorrow. It's just a review of stuff we learned in Spanish I and I still don't think I know it. I took Spanish I the first semester of freshman year (is there a connection between Spanish and sucky semesters), so it's been forever.

I watched episode 27 of Naruto last night. I loved it! The show is definitely getting more interesting!


Monday, January 4, 2010

My Bad First Day Back at School

Remember yesterday when I was worried because I thought school would suck? Yeah, well it did. Sure, maybe it wasn't horrible, but I'm so upset about a few things that it's making me mad about other things that wouldn't normally bother me.

My first class was AP World History which is the only year long class I'm taking. There was nothing wrong with it.

Then I had Drawing. I took Intro to 2D Art the beginning of the year, but there are completely new kids in this class. My friends I had 2D art with aren't in this class with me. I ended up sitting at a table with two girls. One of them is incredibly annoying, and was trying to get pregnant last year when she was 16. The second one seems nice enough, but there's just something about her that I know we wouldn't be good friends. Meaning this is going to be an incredibly boring class. At least they talked to me. Could've been worse. Mrs. Schroeder had us draw a toothbrush and a tree today. Mine sucked as usual.

I then have Child Development with Mrs. Drew. I had her the beginning of my freshman year for a different class. She seemed very excited to have me again. For some reason, Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Schroeder both really like me. I was talking to Mrs. Drew before class when Mrs. Schroeder cam in, saw me, and they proceeded to talk about what an amazing student I am. I'm so glad no one else was in there to here that. Embarassing. I talked to Kara who I haven't talked to in years. Surprised she still actually knows who I am. We go to the same church, but she's a year ahead of me in school. Mrs. Drew gave us homework, but it was really easy so I got what's due tomorrow done.

Then I had Spanish II with Mrs. DeWeese. I had her for Spanish I the beginning of my freshman year. Not really much to say except she also gave us homework on the very first day. She also warned us about how hard Spanish II would be. Scare me a little.

After 20 minutes of Spanish it was time for lunch. This is the first time I've had B lunch. I'm not sure how I feel about the 20 minutes of class, then eat, and then hour more of class thing yet. This is also the source of my big problem. My best friend Summer had been told she had A lunch. I was pretty stressed out because I didn't know who had B lunch, and didn't know who to sit with. Then, Summer found out she had B lunch. I was incredibly happy because that would be the only time of the day I really get to talk to her. So after lunch I was feeling a whole lot better about this semester. That is until I get on the bus to go home and am told by Megan (who is in Summer's class) that there was a mistake and their class has A lunch now. Almost everyone I ate lunch with today is in that class, so now I don't know where to sit at lunch. Two people we ate with today still have it, but I'm incredibly shy. There not people I normally talk to so I feel a little weird sitting with them. I know they wouldn't care. It would just be awkward. I guess I have no choice though. I really wish the whole school ate luch together. It's a small school. We'd still need a bigger cafeteria and commons though...

Anyway, after lunch, it was time for my last class of the day English 10. Nothing to really say about this class either really. The teacher, Mrs. Meyer, is the only new teacher I have. I like her so far. I don't like that she also gave us homework though.

I didn't think ahead about getting notebooks and stuff. Luckily, I already had some notebooks to use, found some more at my house, and my dad got me a sketchbook for drawing on his way home from work.

Wow. Talking about school took forever. I just pray that tomorrow goes a whole lot better, and that everything works out with the lunch thing.

I finished chapter one of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge. The first chapter talks about how Jesus was born to die. The author basically said that we treat Christmas as a really happy day because Jesus is born but they compare it to Good Friday. Good Friday's called good because Jesus died for us, but it's still sad because he died. Christmas is happy because Jesus was born, but he was born to die. It's kind of hard to explain without going through the whole chapter. It's really interesting so far. (By the way, I know this paragraph talks about religious stuff. It's hard to discuss a religious book without talking about religious stuff. Sorry for people who aren't Christian.)

I also watched episode 26 of Naruto. It was basically just a recap of everything that's happened so far since it's the end of season one. (I got through one season! Yay!) It was good, but not great since pretty much nothing new happened. I'm excited for episode 27 when the second test begins! I'll probably even watch it tonight!

I hope tomorrow is a lot better!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Last Day of Break

I don't have much to talk about today. That will change tomorrow. You know why? School starts tomorrow! Yay! (And just so you know, that was meant sarcastically.)

I don't hate school, but I start completely new classes tomorrow. (Except AP World History) I hate starting new classes. I think it's because of how shy I am. It's kind of stupid especially considering I know all (or at least most) of the kids who will be in my classes and I've had all of the teachers before except one. Even so, it doesn't stop me from worrying that I won't have friends in any classes (which as far as I know I don't which sucks) or that I'll suck at the class and fail. It may not make sense, but it doesn't stop me from worrying. It doesn't help that I have no classes with my best friend and may not even have lunch with her. I just hope one of my friends ends up being in at least a few classes. I didn't compare schedules with all of my friends so there's hope. I had a friend in one class, but she switched classes.

Anyway, moving on from that, all I did today was go to church, go out to eat for lunch, and come home. The most interesting part of my day was waking up late only about 15 minutes before church started. Luckily, we live less than a block away from our church and we got there on time. I had to get ready incredibly fast though.

I've started reading A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge. It's about the "dark" side of Christmas. About how, even though we think of Christmas as a happy time, it actually wasn't for Mary, Joseph, and the others. I'm about halfway through the first chapter. I'll talk more about the first chapter when I finish it.

I'll talk about how my first day of my new classes went tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be a happy post, and not one were I'm upset about things.

Haley (hmweasley)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

I had a lot of fun at my grandma's. We had these confetti things that we did at midnight and we drank sparkling grape juice. I love sparkling grape juice! I had a really great New Year's Eve.

The new year hasn't started out all that great for me. I spent January 1st at my grandma's, and I had a horrible headache all day.

We went the see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. It was so cute! I love the chipmunks! Everyone should go see the movie!

I stayed up until four am last night finishing Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. It was a good book and I'd recommend it, but (SPOILERS) the ending was incredibly sad! I did not like the ending at all!

I was just trying to fall asleep when my mom came in my room to tell me that my dad was taking her to the ER. She's been sick for a while. My dad called me this morning to tell me that she had pneumonia and was in the hospital. She's getting better and may come home tomorrow.

So, hopefully the year will get better from now on.

Haley (hmweasley)