Saturday, January 9, 2010

An Apple as Big as Your Head

I haven't done much today. I went outside for the first time since it snowed. In the dark too. It was freezing!

I finished chapter three of A-Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbugge. It talks about how whenever Bethlehem is referenced in the Bible, it's always associated with something sad. It was interesting.

I watched episode 29 of Naruto. My brother actually watched most of it with me. I was kind of surprised that he put up with the subtitles. Anyway, on to what I thought about the episode. It was amazing! I absolutely loved it!! The bodies with the faces melted off were creepy, but (thanks to spoilers) I already know what's going on with that. I also know who they're actually fighting which means I won't be taken by surprise when that's revealed. Maybe that will be less fun, but it's so hard to stay away from spoilers when they're everywhere. It's still fun to see how it happens though.

I saw most of Ratatouille too because it was on in the living room when I came down. I missed part of it to watch Naruto (definitely worth it). It's cute, but definitely not the best Pixar movie.

My sister, brother, and I just got into an argument over how big an apple is in proportion to my sister's head. I thought is was 1/5 or 1/4 the size of her head, my brother thought it was about 3/5, and my sister thought it was 1/2. Regardless, it was a very large apple. We're an odd family.


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