Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Future Zoo Owner

We had another snow day today! I'm always happy to get out of school, but I know I won't be happy when we have to make it up.

I really should have edited those Avatar stories I wrote and posted them, but that just now came to mind now as I was typing. If we get another school day tomorrow (it's doubtful, but you never know) then I'll try to do that.

I finished watching the Star Wars special features today! I've now watched all six movies and the special features except for the commentaries. I don't know if I'm going to go back and watch the commentaries or not. I like watching commentaries, but I'll probably wait until a school break (spring break) or something.

I found out my grandma got a cat. I really want to see it now. I don't know why I'm so interested. I just really love cats, and I can't have one for a pet. When I live on my own, I'm getting a cat as soon as I can. I'm actually getting a rat first, and possibly a snake. I also want a dog. I kind of want a bird just to name it Hedwig, but I don't think I would like a bird. I want a horse too, but they're way to much money and take a whole lot of time. Plus, I don't know how to ride one. I love rabbits, hamsters, turtles, and other small animals too. It'll be interesting to see how many pets I have when I'm older. Of course, all of them will be spayed/neutered and most or all of them will be rescued. Basically, I may own a zoo when I'm older. I'm going to have to get someone to keep me from going broke from buying/caring for so many animals.

I read chapter seven of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbugge. It talked about how Jesus' birth would have been humiliating for Jesus. It was interesting.

I wonder if we'll have school tomorrow...


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