Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Actually Wrote Something (Just Not What I Should Have)

I had a lot of fun at my best friend Summer's house last night. We watched How to Deal which I'd never seen, and Half-Blood Prince which she'd never seen.

We went to Walmart and Summer found some seasons of The O.C. which is one of Summer's favorite shows. She had to buy the first two seasons of course, so we watched a few episodes of that too. I'd never seen it before, but I actually ended up liking it.

What I don't understand is why Summer's (my best friend) favorite character is Summer (I wonder if it's only because of the name.) because I just find her annoying. Summer says that she gets better in later episodes, but in the episodes I saw I though she was annoying.

Wow, that last paragraph is confusing with the two different Summers.

I mentioned the short Kataang story I wrote a while ago. I said I'd post it on and then never did. I got bored in school on Friday and wrote two more. One's Tokka and One's Maiko. All three fit in with my long fanfiction I'm writing. I plan on posting all three. I may even write more short little stories that fit in with my main story. I think they're all pretty cute. It's not really romance, just cute little stories about their families. I really like them, and I promise to get to work on my main fanfic soon! I should have worked on it in class...

I read another chapter of A Not-So-Silent Night. It was interesting.

We're finally watching the special features for the original Star Wars trilogy. We're watching it right now, so I'm trying to write this quickly. I'll probably remember something I meant to write later. Now, I'm going to go focus on the TV.


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  1. I love the oc. Yeah, I really hated summer at first, but later on she becomes awesome. Seth is my favorite character btw