Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is Confusing

If you haven't realized how much of a nerd I am before, you'll know after this post.

Almost as soon as I woke up, I started watching Episode V of Star Wars. As soon as it went off, I watched Episode VI. Now all I have to watch is the original trilogy special features and I'll be done watching all of the Star Wars movies/special features. I love watching Star Wars. Before this it had been a few years since I'd last watched them.

Since then, I've pretty much just been watching videos from different anime cons from past years. It's made me want to become a voice actor even more. I've always loved acting and wanted to be an actress, but I decided I'd become a teacher instead because it'd be easier to get a job and stuff plus I really do want to be a teacher. I still kind of think that, but I really do want to act. I have decided though, that no matter what else I do, I'm going to write. Who knows if I'll ever get anything published, but I'm still going to write.

I've the most horrible headache all day. It's one of those headaches I get sometimes that once I have it, it doesn't go away until I go to sleep. My day would have been a lot better without it.

I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow. I absolutely do not want to go. I'm a little worried on how I'm going to do on tomorrow's Spanish II test.


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  1. keep on writing. I still can't believe I self Published my own book. Sure I've sold like 11 copies so far to my friends and family but I am proud