Monday, January 4, 2010

My Bad First Day Back at School

Remember yesterday when I was worried because I thought school would suck? Yeah, well it did. Sure, maybe it wasn't horrible, but I'm so upset about a few things that it's making me mad about other things that wouldn't normally bother me.

My first class was AP World History which is the only year long class I'm taking. There was nothing wrong with it.

Then I had Drawing. I took Intro to 2D Art the beginning of the year, but there are completely new kids in this class. My friends I had 2D art with aren't in this class with me. I ended up sitting at a table with two girls. One of them is incredibly annoying, and was trying to get pregnant last year when she was 16. The second one seems nice enough, but there's just something about her that I know we wouldn't be good friends. Meaning this is going to be an incredibly boring class. At least they talked to me. Could've been worse. Mrs. Schroeder had us draw a toothbrush and a tree today. Mine sucked as usual.

I then have Child Development with Mrs. Drew. I had her the beginning of my freshman year for a different class. She seemed very excited to have me again. For some reason, Mrs. Drew and Mrs. Schroeder both really like me. I was talking to Mrs. Drew before class when Mrs. Schroeder cam in, saw me, and they proceeded to talk about what an amazing student I am. I'm so glad no one else was in there to here that. Embarassing. I talked to Kara who I haven't talked to in years. Surprised she still actually knows who I am. We go to the same church, but she's a year ahead of me in school. Mrs. Drew gave us homework, but it was really easy so I got what's due tomorrow done.

Then I had Spanish II with Mrs. DeWeese. I had her for Spanish I the beginning of my freshman year. Not really much to say except she also gave us homework on the very first day. She also warned us about how hard Spanish II would be. Scare me a little.

After 20 minutes of Spanish it was time for lunch. This is the first time I've had B lunch. I'm not sure how I feel about the 20 minutes of class, then eat, and then hour more of class thing yet. This is also the source of my big problem. My best friend Summer had been told she had A lunch. I was pretty stressed out because I didn't know who had B lunch, and didn't know who to sit with. Then, Summer found out she had B lunch. I was incredibly happy because that would be the only time of the day I really get to talk to her. So after lunch I was feeling a whole lot better about this semester. That is until I get on the bus to go home and am told by Megan (who is in Summer's class) that there was a mistake and their class has A lunch now. Almost everyone I ate lunch with today is in that class, so now I don't know where to sit at lunch. Two people we ate with today still have it, but I'm incredibly shy. There not people I normally talk to so I feel a little weird sitting with them. I know they wouldn't care. It would just be awkward. I guess I have no choice though. I really wish the whole school ate luch together. It's a small school. We'd still need a bigger cafeteria and commons though...

Anyway, after lunch, it was time for my last class of the day English 10. Nothing to really say about this class either really. The teacher, Mrs. Meyer, is the only new teacher I have. I like her so far. I don't like that she also gave us homework though.

I didn't think ahead about getting notebooks and stuff. Luckily, I already had some notebooks to use, found some more at my house, and my dad got me a sketchbook for drawing on his way home from work.

Wow. Talking about school took forever. I just pray that tomorrow goes a whole lot better, and that everything works out with the lunch thing.

I finished chapter one of A Not-So-Silent Night by Verlyn D. Verbrugge. The first chapter talks about how Jesus was born to die. The author basically said that we treat Christmas as a really happy day because Jesus is born but they compare it to Good Friday. Good Friday's called good because Jesus died for us, but it's still sad because he died. Christmas is happy because Jesus was born, but he was born to die. It's kind of hard to explain without going through the whole chapter. It's really interesting so far. (By the way, I know this paragraph talks about religious stuff. It's hard to discuss a religious book without talking about religious stuff. Sorry for people who aren't Christian.)

I also watched episode 26 of Naruto. It was basically just a recap of everything that's happened so far since it's the end of season one. (I got through one season! Yay!) It was good, but not great since pretty much nothing new happened. I'm excited for episode 27 when the second test begins! I'll probably even watch it tonight!

I hope tomorrow is a lot better!


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