Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

I spent my weekend just laying around the house, and getting on the internet. Nothing out of the usual.

I keep forgetting to upload those Avatar fics to I swear it will get done at some point.

I watched episode 32 of Naruto the other day. Great episode! I loved everything with Sakura. *Slight Spoilers* I think it's sad that her and Ino are no longer friends just because of a boy. You should never fight with your friends over something like that! Friends are way more important than boys!

We got a lot of snow Friday night. I think it was six inches or somewhere around there. My mom says there may be a chance we don't have school tomorrow because the back roads may not even be clear yet. I'm not getting my hopes up though. Whenever I start thinking we'll have a snow day, we never do. Then again, that may be a good thing. Snow days may be fun, but when we're making them up later, I'm going to regret ever wanting them. So, right now, it's a very complicated inner struggle whether I want a snow day tomorrow or not.

I've been working on my sketchbook for art over the weekend. So far I have four pictures. One of my cell phone, a bookstore, me as a teacher, and a forest. The forest one is particularly horrible. The leaves just make it look like I just scribbled all over the page (probably because I did). I can not draw trees at all. We had to draw a tree in class, but I got off easy then because it was an evergreen trees. Evergreens are way easier to draw. Their leaves are just lines instead of all these complicated shapes. I still have six more drawings that have to be done by Wednesday.

I'm saying this right now, and if I don't end up going through with it, then I'll have to punish myself some how. If we have a snow day tomorrow, then I will get (at least) the Kataang story I wrote up. I'm not sure how good our chances are of a snow day. It's incredibly likely that it won't get up tomorrow.


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