Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Sucky Semester

I hate school. Okay, I don't hate it really, but I already know this semester won't be fun. I didn't really like the first semester of freshman year, but the two semesters after that were better. This semester is looking even worse than the first semester of freshman year.

I have pretty much no one to talk to in any class (and yes I know the point is to learn but still), but I could deal with all that if it wasn't for stupid, sucky lunch. I think I've explained this before, but I'll explain it again anyway. My school has two lunch periods, A and B. If you have a lunch, you have about 20 minutes of lunch and then go to your third block class. If you have B lunch, then you have about 20 minutes of your third block class, about 20 minutes of lunch, and then go back to third block. I'd hate this lunch anyway for several reasons: 1. It's later, and I'm always super hungry by lunch. 2. For some reason, the lunch line seems to be a whole lot longer. 3. I don't like leaving class and then going back.

But there's an even bigger reason why this lunch sucks. Not only do I have no classes with my best friend, I don't have lunch with her either. That means I get to talk to her for a total of maybe 10 or 15 minutes the whole day, but those minutes are split into about 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Speaking of friends, I only have about 3 or 4 friends in this lunch. These friends are not one group, but spread into different groups. In these groups, there are people that I don't feel comfortably sitting with (either because I barely know them and am really shy or because I don't like them). Today I felt incredibly awkward because I didn't know where to sit. I asked my friend Emily if I could sit with her and she said yes. I never talk with the people she sits with, but I felt more comfortable around them then any of the others. It wasn't bad or anything. It was actually pretty nice since I've barely talked to Emily since freshman year because we have no classes together. I feel a little better about lunch tomorrow now, but I'm still really upset about not having lunch with who I used to sit with. I felt more comfortabe sitting wiht them. And it would be nice to be able to talk to my best friend sometime durig the day.

Sorry about the ranting. I'm really not happy about this semester, so that may be happening kind of often. Warning for the future.

By the way, this is my fourth semester og high school. So far I'd probably say second semester of freshman year was my best semester, and this semester (second of sophomore year) is the worst. With first semester of sophomore year being second best.

We have our first quiz in Spanish II tomorrow. It's just a review of stuff we learned in Spanish I and I still don't think I know it. I took Spanish I the first semester of freshman year (is there a connection between Spanish and sucky semesters), so it's been forever.

I watched episode 27 of Naruto last night. I loved it! The show is definitely getting more interesting!


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