Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homework Overload

I should absolutely not be writing this. I have so much homework left to do. Oh well, I need a break anyway. Plus I didn't write a blog yesterday. I'll try to make this quick.

You know those Avatar one-shots I keep talking about but have yet to post on fanfiction.net? I wrote yet another one today. It's the fourth one and I haven't even posted the first yet! Not to mention the I also really need to be working on Avatar: The Next Generation. Those one-shots will be up soon!

One of my most absolute favorite Twilight fanfictions ever ended yesterday. You should all check it out. It's called She Hates Me by HM_Grayson over on fanfiction.net. It's in Nessie's point of view, and the story follows her as she grows up. It isn't really a romance story, and there aren't really any huge couples in it. You can find some Jacob/Nessie, Seth/Nessie, and Jacob/Leah though. Those last two aren't couples I usually support (although I've certainly read fanfiction for them before), but it was so well written now that I love those couples (just in that one story though)! You should definitely go check it out if you're a Twilight fan!

There was more I wanted to talk about, but I have so much homework that I'm going to end it there.


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