Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Much More Snow Can We Possibly Get!?

Guess what. School for tomorrow has already been canceled! Three snow days in a row. I'm not sure to be happy about having no school, or to be upset that we have to make it up.

I do know that I'm upset because having so many snow days means that I have to take home the baby simulator for child development on Monday. That means that I have to take it on the bus. Remember my little rant in my last post about hte immature middle-schoolers on my bus? Yeah, this is going to suck. (Unless, of course, we miss school again on Thursday, and I take it home on Tuesday. That means another day to make up though.)

I woke up last night with really, really bad pains in my chest. It was horrible. My mom doesn't know what's wrong. She thinks I'm just sick. They kept coming back all day, but none of them were as bad as they had been last night. Then, while we were eating dinner, they came back just as bad as they had been last night. My mom had me take ibuprofen, and they went away. It scares me just a little though. I don't know why I'm having the pain. My mom said that if it still hurts on Thursday, she'll take me to the doctor.

I started reading Titian: The Last Days by Mark Hudson last night. I've only read the prologue so far, but it's a lot better than I thought it would be. I won the book from goodreads.com. It's about the famous artist (named Titian obviously) right before his death. I'm not really into art (although I'm taking an art class in school), but the prologue was really interesting. Hopefully the rest of the book is just as good.

I also watched episode 37 of Naruto. It was awesome as usual. I can't wait for the third exam!

What do you think of the new banner? I made it on this website earlier, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I want a banner, but a better made one. The problem is that I suck at graphics.

I upload another A:TNG one-shot! That has to be a record for how quickly I've gotten something up before. It's not impressive if you take into account how short it is but still. The one-shot focuses on Sokka and his kids Ichiko and Ikuo. Ichiko and Ikuo get in a little fight. You can read all of my fanfiction over at fanfiction.net/~hmweasley.

Tomorrow's Ash Wednesday! Since I'm Catholic, I'm supposed to either give something up or do a good dead throughout Lent. I think I'm giving up gum this year. I've given up soft drinks the past two years, and I have up gum almost every year before that. Tomorrow being Ash Wednesday also means I get to go get ashes on my forhead. Plus, I'm not allowed to eat meat tomorrow or any Friday in Lent. That doesn't really bother me that much though. I'm not looking forward to going over a month without gum though. The headaches I'd have if I gave up soft drinks would definitely be worse though.

Wow, I had a whole lot to talk about for basically doing nothing the whole entire day! I'm thinking of even more things to say right now. I think this is long enough though!


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