Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Two-Day Week

Today was our first day back at school after five days off. That might be why I feel like I'm about to pass out even though it's only 7:16 as I'm typing this. Not much really happened to day.

We were supposed to have a test in world history today, but the teacher pushed it back tomorrow. Extra time to study is always a good thing!

All we did in art was work on our shapes.

In child development, we learned about how smoking while pregnant can cause birth defects. We also watched a video about three babies. One was born to a mom who drank, one to a mom who smoked cigarettes, and one to a mom who did crack. It was sad. I was supposed to take the baby simulator home on Tuesday, but that obviously didn't happen because of the snow. I'm scheduled to take it home this Tuesday, so let's hope we don't have a snow day again.

I found out how I did on the Spanish test I took last week. I got a C! Okay, so maybe that's not really good, but it's better than my past two tests (an F and a D). If things keep going how they have been, I should get a B on the next test.

All we did in English was review our vocab words for our test tomorrow, and start reading a new story.

I haven't really done much since I came home except homework.

We only have to go to school tomorrow, and then it's the weekend (again)! Yay for two-day weeks!


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