Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Day of Work

Today was the second and last day of finals. This is a good thing (no more studying for finals!) and a bad thing (doing actual work again) at the same time.

I got an A on my AP world history final! Yay! All we did in class today was watch the Andy Griffith Show. My teacher apparently rode in an elevator with the guy who played Goober once. He's told us that story a million times.

Our art teacher hadn't graded our finals yet, so I don't know how I did. I think art was the only class that I actually did work in today (other than the classes I had to take finals in of course).

In child development, we finished the movie about the baby with HIV. Okay, it had like five seconds left when the bell rang. We may finish it tomorrow, but the class won't actually be child development tomorrow since child development is a one quarter class. Now I'll be taking personal resource management. It's still the same teacher and pretty much the same kids though. Oh yeah, we took our final too. It was so easy that I almost forgot to mention it (let's hope I didn't just jinx myself).

This is random, but I'm going to mention it anyway. Here's some background information: I have two ex-best friends. I don't want to get into what happened or anything, but (obviously) we're no longer friends. We're going to call them Ex-BFF 1 and Ex-BFF 2 from now on.

I don't want to make this incredibly long, and I don't really know how to explain it anyway. My best friend (who was also best friends with these two) and I kind of miss being friends with Ex-BFF 1, but not so much Ex-BFF 2 (for certain reasons). (Man, I'm picturing Summer (my best friend) reading this and laughing or something) Anyway stuff has happened (it would take way to long to explain).

Anyway... All of that was just to say the Ex-BFF 2 randomly said hi to me today. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "She wrote all of that just to say that?" It's strange to me though. The girl hasn't spoken to me in over a year, and decides to randomly say hi? Sure, Summer kind of randomly talked to Ex-BFF 1 earlier, but it's different with Ex-BFF 2. Wow, this is incredibly hard to explain without telling absolutely everything. Point is, I thought it was weird (maybe weird's not the right word). Moving on.

I didn't get to see my grade on my Spanish final. Hopefully, it's good. We started watching Remember the Titans today. We're not going to finish it though because we're going to actually start doing work tomorrow.

We took our final in English. There's a couple of things I'm not sure how I did, but overall I think I did pretty good. She was the only teacher to give us homework. I got most of it done in class though.

Today was my first day of work at my first ever job. It went pretty well I think. I was being trained by my sister today, and I only had to work for four hours (it's usually six). It seemed to go by really quickly though. It'll probably feel slower when I'm working by myself. I hope I can remember how to do anything. I'm working in my aunt's tanning salon.

A bunch of kids from my school came in. It was funny when two boys came in who had no idea what they were doing. There was a lady in there who apparently knew them. They started talking about tanning lotion. Eventually, they decided they wanted to buy some, and she helped them choose which kind to get. If you knew the two boys and just saw how everything went, it was funny.


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