Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon DVD Midnight Release Party

Last night was so much fun! I posted pictures over on Twitpic/Twitter if you're interested.

I actually volunteered to get up and played charades! I was a whole lot more outgoing last night than I usually am. I have no idea why. I think it was because I was so tired.

I had to be Esme during charades, and I won a Jacob button for it. I was really surprised that I got Jacob. Usually I get a character I don't like that much (for example, I won a James card at the Twilight DVD release party last year). Regina and Summer also played charades. Regina had to be Caius, and Summer had to be Emmett.

After charades, they did trivia questions. They read a quote from the book, and we had to guess who said it. I won three times, and then they said I couldn't win anymore. Haha. I think I was the only person to get three of them. They gave out magnets for that. I got a Jacob magnet, Bella magnet, and a Rosalie and Emmett magnet.

After that we had a debate. I actually spoke up pretty much every time (which is shocking or me). I think there was only one other girl there who was Team Jacob, and she didn't really say anything. It made the debates a little interesting since I had to stand up for one side all by myself.

I also won a Jacob bookmark during the raffle.

We had the first ticket, but they raffled off the first place in line, so we were actually second. I was disappointed because they didn't have the Twilight in Forks DVD that came out with the New Moon DVD. I'll have to get it somewhere else soon. I did get two other things though. I got a New Moon shirt with Bella, Edward, and Jacob on it and the Twilight graphic novel.

I love the necklace that came with the Border's edition of the DVD. I was expecting it to be a cheap necklace, but it's actually really nice. I wore it on the wolf tattoo side obviously.

I haven't got a chance to watch any of the special features yet (or even the whole movie) because I had to work today. Today was my first day working at the tanning salon all by myself. There were one or two minor "emergencies" and I had to call my sister a few times, but overall things went pretty good.

I managed to read a couple of chapters of Titian by Mark Hudson while working. I think I have two chapters left before I'm done with the book. I'm reading The Last Song next!

I just finished watching episode 45 of Naruto. I loved it! *SPOILERS* I loved the Naruto and Kiba fight! The was Naruto wins defintely fits Naruto's character. It was hilarious. I can't wait to see Hinata fight next episode. From what little I've seen of her, I really like her. Maybe because I can relate to being the shy girl.


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