Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Weeks Before Spring Break!

I am so happy today is Friday! It feels like this week has dragged on forever, and next week's finals! On the bright side, there's only two more weeks until spring break!

We had a test in world history today. It was pretty hard. We had to write an essay comparing Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution, and I think mine was one of the longest essays I've ever written for a test.

In child development, we had a test too. After the test, we got to make cookies, and eat a bunch of other (healthy) snack foods. The cookies were awesome!

My third and (thankfully) last test of the day was in Spanish. I'm not really sure how well I did on it. Let's hope it's not another F...

We didn't do a whole lot in English. We read some of two different books (one we're going to be tested on and the other we're just discussing), and talked about sonnets. She also told us what we need to study for our finals next week. That was about it.

I'm in the middle of chapter ten of Titian by Mark Hudson right now. That's over half way done! I feel like a lot of the stuff is getting drawn out now. I'm a little bored with it, but not enough to stop reading it.


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