Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Want to Sleep

Not a whole lot has happened the past few days.  I'm walking around about to fall asleep all of the time because I haven't been able to sleep in since waking up at five AM on Thursday (and I probably won't even be able to this weekend).  I'll probably end up falling asleep out of nowhere at the worst possible moment.  Right now, I want nothing more then to not have to wake up early tomorrow.

On Friday, we had had a sub in world history.  On Monday we find out that he apparently lost papers we had turned in (the teacher didn't even believe that we'd turned them in at first).  The teacher still can't find them, and he doesn't know what he's going to do about it.

We took two tests in Finances today.  I think I did really well on both of them.

We had a quiz in Spanish II that I think I did well on.  We also started learning more about the preterite.

We've been going to the lab to work on our Snowbound projects the past few days.  We're supposed to have the book finished by Thursday.  Speaking of English class, last week (I think) we got the essays we wrote back.  I want to post mine here, but I keep forgetting to bring it home.  It's stuck in my literature book in my locker.

My grandma and two of my great aunts who are visiting from Florida came over visit the other day.  It was fun spending time with them.

Today at school, I saw three different people reading manga!  I'm amazed!  I've never seen anyone at school reading it, and then out of no where I see three on the same day.  I think it's awesome.  Two of them were girls too which is even better.  Of course, it's good to see people reading any type of book.

I finished Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen.  I loved it!  I think it's one of my favorite of hers (along with about half of her other books).  The ending was so cute!


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