Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lots and Lots of Subs

I had to work yesterday.  It felt like the first time I'd had to work in a while.  I think it had been about five days since I'd worked, but I'm not sure.

We had a sub in world history yesterday, so we just worked on a worksheet.  Today we took notes on the Soviet Union breaking up and terrorism and 9/11.

We also had a sub in personal finance yesterday.  We didn't do much except take two tests.  Today we just worked on a project that I finished in about half an hour.  I've done a lot of reading in that class the past few days.

We also had a sub in Spanish yesterday (it's as if the teachers all decided to take the same day off...).  We finished watching Rudy.  It was a really good movie and I don't even like football.  Today we reviewed for our test.  Hopefully, I do well on this one.

I had to get up and read Spanish in front of my whole English class yesterday.  If you read this blog, you probably know how bad I am at Spanish.  I managed to read it, but the teacher told me to practice before class.  We've been reading a lot of poetry lately and Shakespeare Bats Cleanup.  We've also been doing vocab like usual.

I'm on part III of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld now.  The chapter's called "In Case of Damage."  I think I'm getting obsessed with this series.  That may or may not be a good thing.  I also found out that there's apparently supposed to be a movie out in 2011.  That sounds awesome!

This week is actually going by quickly.  Something that doesn't usually happen for me.  It may be all of the subs I've had.  I hope the next two days go by quickly too!


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