Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This is my 105th blog post!  Yay!  I'm kind of disappointed that I missed number 100, but oh well.

We started a new chapter in world history on Monday.  It's the last chapter of the book!  It talks about things that are still going on in the world today.  So far, we've talked about China, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, South Africa, and Rwanda.

We have to draw a teacher in art class, and I'm drawing Mrs. Drew (my personal finance teacher).  I really hope she never sees the drawing.  My grade would definitely go way down...

We've started learning about budgeting in personal finance.  We're also doing a project were we have to plan our dream vacation with a budget of $5,000 for two people.  I'm planning a trip to Los Angeles.  It took me forever to find the prices for plane tickets because so many sites are blocked at our school.

In Spanish, we started a new unit on Mexico.  Before every unit, they list famous people from whatever country we're learning about.  One of the people listed for Mexico was Alfonso Cuaron, and no one had any clue who he is.  My teacher was really happy when I told her he was the director of the third Harry Potter movie and then asked me if I was a Harry Potter fan.

We talked about Shakespeare in English on Monday.  The teacher was telling us about popular phrases from Shakespeare that we still use today.  One of them was something wicked this way comes.  Some girl in my class freaked out (yes, literally freaked out) because she insisted that it was from Harry Potter and not Shakespeare.  It was a little strange.  We started reading Julius Caesar today.  We just got through scene one.

I watched episode 56 of Naruto the other day.  It was a good episode.

The chapter I'm on in The Book Thief is called "The Swapping of Nightmares."  I'm still kind of bored, but it has gotten a little better.  Some senior (who's usually pretty quiet) freaked out when she saw I was reading it and kept going on about how it was the best book ever.  I hope it gets better.  I'm not halfway through yet, so you never know.

You know, I just realized that there were a decent number of Harry Potter references in this post.  Well, that certainly not something to complain about.


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