Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cocina para Cinco de Mayo

We registered for the AP world history test today.  The actual test is next week.  I'm pretty nervous about it.  Hopefully, I'll pass and be able to get college credit.

I wasn't in art for very long because I went up to the guidance office to work on my schedule for next year.  I had to change a few of my classes.  I couldn't take these two social studies elective classes or anatomy like I wanted.  Now I'm taking accounting (the absolute only thing that would fit in that slot other than wood shop), astronomy, and AP biology.  I actual want to take astronomy.  I was originally going to take AP bio, but then I decided to take anatomy instead.  Apparently, that's changed.  A few of my other classes may have been knocked out when I switched those too, but I'm not sure.  I think we get our schedules next week, so then I'll find out for sure.  I do know that I am going to have more homework next year then I've probably had every other year in school combined.

In personal finance we went to the lab to work on our projects.  Since I'm already done, I worked on homework and read.

We took a vocab quiz in Spanish and also reviewed for our test on Thursday.  We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow.  Everyone has to bring in food, and I'm bringing in Mexican corn.  I have to make it later.  Hopefully, everything turns our all right.  Last year, I made some corn thing for Dias de los Muertos and it was horrible.  At school, the teacher was the only person who ate any, and we gave all of the leftovers to my aunt because she was the only one who actually liked it.

We didn't do much in English.  We went over some of our papers that had been graded and the rough drafts of our persuasive letters.  Then, we went to the computer lab to start working on our research papers (everyone's doing it on teen drinking).

I'm really disappointed that I haven't gotten the next chapter of Avatar: The Next Generation up yet.  I had planned to have it up a week ago.  The whole chapter is written, but it still needs to be edited.  Hopefully, I'll get it up today or tomorrow.  I would say I could almost definitely get it up today, but I don't know how long it's going to take to make the food for Spanish.  It will definitely be up soon though.

(To anyone who speaks Spanish, I'm incredibly sorry if the title is horribly wrong.  I can't believe that I'm actually passing Spanish class...)


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