Friday, May 14, 2010

WHOO Carnival

The AP world history test was a lot better than I expected.  It was still hard, but I though it was going to be much harder.  I really want to know how well I did on it.

My English teacher asked me today in class if I would join the Spell Bowl team for next year.  I agreed for some reason (I hate doing stuff like that in front of people), and she gave me a huge list of words that I have to memorize over the summer.  That'll be fun...

It's funny because I've never considered myself that great of a speller.  I mean I write and read a lot, so I guess I am pretty good.  I was in the spelling bee every year except fifth grade, and the only reason I wasn't in fifth grade was because I got sick.  I was always out fairly early on though because I got so nervous that I'd make really stupid mistakes.  (I've gotten out on the words castle (3rd grade?), fig (4th grade?), and blizzard (as an eighth grader!)).  Hopefully, I can get over that.  I also got awards for being the best speller in my class in 7th and 8th grade, so I guess I'm a lot better speller than I think I am.

Anyway, we had the WHOO carnival at school today from 1:15 to when we went home.  WHOO stands for We Help Our Own.  Basically, different school clubs run boths and students (even the middle-schoolers come over) pay to play games and win stuff.  All of the money made (usually about a thousand dollars) goes to help students at the school who need money.  Any student can go to a teacher for help buying anything (such as clothes) that they can't afford, and the teacher will then tell the office.  Then, the principal, vice principal, a teacher, or someone will go buy the student what they need using the money raised at the carnival.  It's a great thing, but in all honesty, the carnival's pretty boring.  My friends and I just sat there and talked because none of us had brought money.  I kind of wish I had in order to get a drink or snack or something.

I think that's all I really have to write about.  School is still really stressful.  You'd think, that with school being almost over, the teachers would be giving us less homework, but I think they're giving us more because they're trying to get everything done in time.  It's not fun.


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