Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011!

Happy New Year's Day everyone!  I hope your year is off to a great start.

I spent New Year's Eve at my grandma's with all of my cousins on that side of the family.  We had a lot of fun.

We hung these things from the ceilings as part of the decorations.  It took forever to hang them all up.  I hung about three up, and then got my cousin Ben to hang the rest up.  It was actually pretty funny because we were all following him around, pointing out places to hang them.  As soon as it seemed like we were almost done hanging them up, someone would find more sitting somewhere.  Ben kept saying that, if any of them fell down, he wasn't putting them back up.

They looked pretty cool, but everyone kept running into them.  At least, us taller ones did.  The things that tangled from the bottom (some had stars, some the words "Happy New Year," and some didn't have anything) were at just about eye level for me, and I never seemed to notice them until right when they hit me in the face.

After an hour or so, some of my cousins started talking about putting music on.  Somehow, talking about what music to listen turned into what movie we should watch.  We ended up watching The Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring on Netflix.  All of us loved the move except my grandma, who'd never seen it, and my sister Regina, who didn't even get there until the end of the movie.  We'd planned on watching all three of them that night, but that didn't end up happening.  We didn't even finish the first one because it started raining and the Netflix instant thing had to keep trying to find a signal.

We opened last year's time capsule.  I'd put in some of my writing.  It was chapter six of Avatar: The Next Generation to be specific.  I'd also drawn all over the back of the pages.  I hadn't realized how much I'd written of A:TNG this year until then.  Chapter six was the most recent chapter last year, so that means, I wrote fourteen chapters of the course of the year.  I'd wanted to finish the story this year, but I'm hoping I can still get it done by the end of January.

I put in some more of my writing this year.  I put in An Early Christmas Present, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and chapter twenty of Avatar: The Next Generation.  I also added this drawing of a creature I did earlier that day for some game we played earlier in the day.  I uploaded some pictures onto Twitpic of that.

At midnight, we threw around a ton of confetti that ended up making a huge mess.

I (and everyone else) got next to no sleep last night.  I can barely keep my eyes open as I type.  I think I'm going to sleep really well tonight.

My mom picked my sister and I up at about 1:30.  We'd only been up a couple of hours at that point.  I haven't really done much since I got home that's worth mentioning.

I did put up my new Harry Potter calendar up.  I also wrote in my Harry Potter engagement calendar for the first time.

Oh yeah, and I watch this documentary on the Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway DVD about the closing of Rent on Broadway.  It made me a little sad especially when it showed some of the actors crying at the end.

Days Until:

Christmas Break Ends: 2 (really dreading it)
The Twilight Saga:  The Complete Illustrated Guide released: 101
LeakyCon 2011: 193
Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie: 195
My 18th Birthday: 215
Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie: 321
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie: 685
(For some reason, my days on Leakycon and Deathly Hallows Part 2 were way off. No idea why.)


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