Sunday, January 30, 2011

Secret Tunnel

(I only used that title because it reminds me of the secret tunnel song in the Cave of Two Lovers episode of A:TLA.  Although, this post does briefly mention a tunnel even if it's not very secret.)

My friend Ji was over for most of the day today.  I woke up at about 11:30 this morning, and she was over at about 1:30 and stayed until about 9:00.  Most of that time was spent working on a take home test for AP biology.  Those tests always take forever, but this one was even longer than usual.  It probably didn't help that we kept getting distracted and talking.

After we finished our tests, we decided to go rent a movie.  We were picking out a movie when my phone started ringing.  It was my sister.  She'd called to tell me that I needed to be at our church when mass ended to sell pizzas.  That gave me about half an hour until I needed to be there.  We're helping sell pizzas to pay for our mission trip this summer.  I'd agreed to sell tonight and then completely forgot.  Luckily, Ji and I had time to get the movie and stop at my house to drop it off before we headed over to my church.

We got there a little early.  If you know how a Catholic mass goes, we got there during the Eucharist.  Ji and I went to sit at the table in the back where I was supposed to sell pizzas.  Ji isn't Catholic, so she was asking me a bunch of questions while mass was ending.  I think she felt nervous about being there.  There were a fair amount of people watching us as we came in.

We ended up selling about five pizzas, and then we headed to the sacristy where my dad was putting the chalice and other things away.  (The sacristy is the back room of the church.  It's where things such as the priest's vestments are kept.  A chalice is the cup that the wine/Blood of Christ is in during mass.)  My dad is usually the sacristan at our church, that means he makes things are ready for mass and puts things away at the end.  After my dad was done, we headed over to the chruch office, so my dad could put the collection money in the safe.  My sister Regina and I had fun showing Ji the underground tunnel that connects the church office building with the actual church.

Once we got back to out house, Ji and I watched Despicable Me.  I'll probably write a review of it tomorrow.  After the movie, Ji left, and I haven't really done much since.

I kind of feel like this became a sort of Catholic education post towards the end.  That gave me more to talk about then anything else that happened today though which isn't usual for mass.

Today was awesome because I spent most of it with an awesome friend, Ji.  Plus, we sold some pizzas to help pay for the mission trip that I'm incredibly excited for!

Days Until:
Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD: 72
The Twilight Saga: The Complete Illustrated Guide released: 73
LeakyCon 2011: 165
Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie: 167
My 18th Birthday: 187
Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie: 293
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie: 657

Books Read in 2011: 5
Harry Potter Reread: I finished Chamber of Secrets yesterday!  I'm starting Prisoner of Azkaban as soon as I post this.  Hopefully, I'll read two chapters and catch up


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