Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baking Cookies

Today's challenge is to tell how important you think education is.  I think education is very important.  I don't think you can get very far in the world if you don't try learning.  I don't necessarily mean everyone should go to college, but you should be learning some way or other.  I've always enjoyed learning new things (even if I don't necessarily enjoy the homework or waking up early involved with school).  I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy reading.  Even fictional books teach you things.

Can you believe that today was one of the first days in over a month I could have slept in, and I woke up at 9:30?  I think my body's getting too used to waking up early.  I can't even sleep in anymore.  I guess that could be a good thing except I'm so exhausted.  I don't even know when the next time I'll be able to sleep in will be.

I had to go work at a pork chop dinner at my church tonight.  We're raising money for our mission trip this summer.  It wasn't exactly the funnest way to spend a Saturday evening, but it wasn't too bad.  Plus, I got supper which I probably would have had to fix for myself at home.  (My mom has pneumonia (again), so she shouldn't really be around food other people are going to eat, and my dad's at "deacon school" this weekend.)

I spent two hours baking cookies for this pork chop dinner this afternoon.  My sister was supposed to help me, but she just left after we put the first batch in the oven.  (I made her wash dishes and clean up though.)  That was actually the first time I've made cookies, so I'm kind of proud of myself.  Granted, it was with cookie dough that was already separated into little balls, so it's not like I did much.

Days Until:
Deathly Hallows Part 1 DVD: 37
The Twilight Saga: The Complete Illustrated Guide released: 38
LeakyCon 2011: 130
Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie: 132
My 18th Birthday: 152
Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie: 258
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie: 622

Books Read in 2011: 6
Harry Potter Reread: GoF 14 (I think I'm one chapter behind.)


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