Sunday, May 1, 2011


I don't really have anything to say in this post, but I feel like I need to update here.  This post is just to kind of explain the infrequent updates lately and for the next month or so.

If you follow me elsewhere on the Internet, you many be aware that school has been crazy lately.  My school has block scheduling which means I have four classes a day.  That may not sound like a lot, but I'm convinced that because of the fewer classes, the teachers feel more inclined to give us more homework.

My algebra II class is no problem since I get all of that work done in class.  My foods class is driving me crazy not because of the workload but because I have to put up with a lot of people that I would just prefer not to be around.  Let's just say, if you were to suddenly move to my school, get put in that class, and had to choose a group to cook with, my group would be the last one you would want to be put with.  There's always raised voices (sometimes bordering on yelling) in our group on cooking days.

So, although foods is annoying, neither of those classes really take up much of my time outside of school.  English 11 Honors and AP biology are the classes most responsible of that.  I've been working on a research paper for English lately.  Research papers have never been something I'm good at writing, so that takes up a ton of time for me.  In addition, we're doing an independent study of Huckleberry Finn, which he wants us to get done reading super quickly because there are other things he wants to get done by the end of the school year.  He also assigns us various other things for homework.

As for AP biology, our AP test in on May 9th, and we're in the reviewing/cramming stage.  That class has always taken up a ton of my time because we have workbooks (that must be completely filled out) that are at least as thick (if not thicker) than our actual textbook.  Now, though, the work's become even crazier.  Every night, we have to complete an old AP test, and I'm trying to make sure I can remember everything.  The good news, after seeing old AP tests, I'm more confident that I could actually do well on this test.  (Compared to the AP world history test last year that was a disaster, and social studies is my best subject.  I barely learned anything in that class.)

Work has also been taking up a ton of my time.  I usually work three or four days a week.  On school days, I usually work from right after school until nine, so I have little time to do anything else on those days.

If you didn't already know, I also make videos on Youtube six days a week.  Monday through Friday I make them on my personal channel.  On Sundays, I post a video for the collab channel I'm a part of, The Seven Awesome Nerds.  (Speaking of which, after beginning this post I realized that most of what I said will be repeated in my video for this week because of Rachel's question.)

I've also been working on the next chapter of my Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction.  (My writing can be found here and here.)  I'm happy to say that I've finally finished the last chapter of Avatar: The Next Generation, and it will be up as soon as I'm finished editing it.  (Right now it's looking like that will be tonight or Monday.  It definitely won't be Sunday because I'm working.)

Between all of this and various other things happening (including Easter and getting sick) I've barely had time to do anything, including write posts for this blog.  I have a book review I need to write, but I keep pushing it back for lack of time.  (Funny how I could have written it instead of this post isn't it?)  My Youtube videos have sucked for a while now because I don't really have time for them either.  Once school ends, I'll have more free time, and I promise that I'll be updating a lot more frequently.


P.S.  After this blog gets three more followers, there will be a giveaway.  (Let's hope I can find time for that.)

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