Monday, June 20, 2011

Favorite Disney Kisses

It's another Disney post.  This time I'm going to be listing some of my favorite Disney kisses.  Like I said in past posts, I may have forgotten some, and they're not necessarily in a particular order.

1.  Lady and the Tramp.  I just had to put this first.  Who doesn't remember the scene with the spaghetti?  I think it's adorable.

2. Beauty and the Beast:  The Enchanted Christmas.  I've already said that this is my favorite Disney movie, so it isn't probably so surprising to see it on this list even if it is the sequel.

3. Cinderella.  Surprisingly, this is the first time I've included Cinderella on any of these lists.

4. Aladdin.  This is another one of my favorite Disney movies.

5.  Mulan II.  I love them together.  I love all of these couple together of course, but I just really enjoy these two's relationship.

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