Monday, July 4, 2011

The Bravest Disney Princess

Today is American Independence Day, and in honor of the birthday of the "home of the brave" I'm going to do a post about who I think the bravest Disney princess is.  (I can't help but cringe at how corny that sounded, but I thought of it, and I'm going to keep it that way.)

Now, it shouldn't come as a surprise that my first thought was to choose Belle.  Then, I really thought about it and decided that I absolutely had to choose Mulan.  Technically Mulan isn't a princess, but since Disney counts her as one, I think I can choose her for this.

I don't know how you could argue that any of the Disney princesses are braver than Mulan is.  I mean saving your father by offering to be a Beast's prisoner and leaving everything you've ever known to live on land and many other things Disney princesses have done are certainly brave, but I don't think any of that can compare to going off to war (while disguised as a guy) so that your father won't have to.  I think that makes her braver than all of the other princesses.

Obviously going off to war in and of itself is brave, but Mulan had to pretend to be a guy the entire time.  There was no telling what they could do to her if they discovered the truth.  (Well, it's a Disney movie, so of course everything would end up all right but still.)  That's why I think Mulan is the bravest Disney princess.

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