Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fangirling Over Korra Info

Last weekend was big for Avatar:  The Last Airbender fans.  We got so much new information about the new series, Korra, and I, for one, was absolutely freaking out.  People who follow me on Twitter had to put up with my constant retweeting of people who were there.  It's been a week, and thinking about all of the new information still makes me excited.  Fair warning:  This post is going to involve a lot of fangirling.

The show is going to be two seasons long!  Granted that's still not very long, but last I heard there was only one season planned.  If they wanted to go for a third season, that would be perfectly fine with me.  I wonder if the seasons will be called books like the last season.  Wouldn't it be cool if the first season was called Air?  From what I've heard, that's the only element Korra has to master, and we didn't get a Book 4:  Air in the last series.  I don't know what they'd call season two after that though.

Aang and Zuko founded the city, United Republic, where the show takes place!  I absolutely love the idea of them founding a city together for some reason.  It probably has something to do with my love of Zuko's friendships with all of the members of the Gaang.  That's one of my favorite parts of the second half of season three.

I love that they named one of the characters after Mako, Iroh's original voice actor who died before the first series was over.  Who doesn't want to have a cartoon character named after them?  I find it interesting that Korra will be traveling with two brothers especially since they seem to be very different.  That should make things interesting.

Animals!  The fire ferret, Paboo, sounds cute.  I can't wait to see what he looks like.  Naga, a female polar bear dog, also looks really cute.  I really love the fact that there are more sky bison and lemurs.  Too bad we have to wait until season two for them to be important.

Toph's daughter is chief of police!  I honestly wasn't expecting to see Toph's kids or anything.  It really makes me wonder who she married.  If we never find that out, it will bug me immensely.  I want some information on him!  I also love that Toph trained a bunch of metalbenders.

Of course I get excited over every little bit of Kataang news.  They had three kids!  I hope we get more information about them as well.  Plus, I definitely want to see Tenzin's kids.  They should be cute.  His oldest, Jinora, is apparently a bookworm.  I can see myself liking her.

Tenzin lives on Air Temple Island.  Does that not sound cool?  I can't help but wonder if they just named the island that or it's an island that an actual old Air Temple sits on.

That was the biggest of the news for me.  I can't wait for the new series (or at least an airdate)!  I'm so excited!

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