Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Friends at Hogwarts

I don't think there's a Harry Potter fan out there who doesn't day dream about going to Hogwarts.  (As a side note, I just want to post what the amazing J.K. Rowling said during the London Harry Potter premiere earlier today:  Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." Man, I was emotional this morning.)  Of course, if we all attended Hogwarts, we'd make friends there (hopefully).  One thing I think it's interesting to consider is who I would be friends with if I attended Hogwarts.

I guess it really depends on what time period it was in.  In reality, I'm about thirteen years younger then the trio, so I wouldn't have been at Hogwarts with them.  (Actually, this past year would have been my last.)  I would have been a few years older than Teddy Lupin.  It would've been so cool to be friends with him as well, but realistically speaking, I doubt I would have befriended a boy about four years younger than me.

For the sake of this post though, we're going to pretend that I would have been attending Hogwarts at the same time as the trio.  I still have a bit of a problem.  I consider myself a Hufflepuff, and if I wasn't in Hufflepuff, then I know I would have been in Ravenclaw.  There's no way I would have been a Gryffindor or Slytherin.  That means I would have been roommates with Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones amongst others.  There's nothing wrong with these characters, but as we don't know much about their personalities, I can't really say if we would have been good friends or not.  Although, if Hannah marries Neville, I'm sure she's awesome, and we'd get along great.

I know that I could befriend people from other houses as well, but it wouldn't be quite as easy.  As people who know me would quickly tell you, I'm a very shy, quiet person.  Making friends has never been something I'm great at.  I pretty much rely on other people approaching me first.  As a Hufflepuff, I could see myself quickly befriending members of my house since their known to be a friendly and accepting house.  Making friends in other houses, however, would be harder for me.  You kind of have to go out of your way to befriend members of other houses.  The only time your really forced to be around other houses are classes and meal times, and you can always stay with members of your house during those.

As much as I'd like to say I'd befriend the trio and other major characters from the books, I honestly don't think I would.  I suppose it's possible that I could befriend Luna, since she doesn't have many friends in the books.  If I saw her constantly alone, I'd probably try and convince someone to come with me to go and talk to her because I hate seeing people always alone.  As for Harry, Ron, and Hermione?  I'd probably think they seemed nice.  Maybe I'd have a conversation or two with them.  I'm sure I'd be impressed by everything the seem to get into over the years, but I doubt we'd be close or anything.

Since we're all Harry Potter fans, I think most of us would love to be best friends with the trio.  However, I wonder how many of us would actually befriend them if we were given the chance to be their classmates.


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