Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Weekend

The blog post you're reading right now was written over a kind of long period of time.  I wanted to write about this, but I didn't have time to just sit down and write, so I wrote bits and pieces of it whenever I could.  Part of it was written Sunday, and part of it was written Monday.

This weekend has been extremely busy.  On Friday we had a social after school.  The idea was that the new kids could meet new people and stuff like that.  We got free drinks, and then everyone basically grouped into their normal groups.  I don't even remember seeing any of the new kids, and the freshmen seemed to stay in one large group toward the entrance of the gym.  Ji and I were supposed to get quotes for the yearbook.  It didn't go to well since no one really wanted to be there.  We got a total of three quotes.  My sister wrote down something completely random that had nothing to do with the social, and my friend Haley and another boy just made stuff up that they didn't mean.  The only good part was getting out of class.

As we were walking to our lockers after the social, Ji mentioned that she wanted to do something after school.  I was reluctant at first because I had tons of homework, but then my sister showed up too.  Needless to say, Ji came over.  We made brownies and had a lot of fun.  (Even if Ji and I think the brownies made us sick.)  After a while, my mom, brother, and sister were going shopping, and Ji and I eventually decided to go along too.  We went to Factory Card Outlet first because my sister wanted stuff for her birthday party.  Ji and I may or may not have played with some toy swords.  After that, my mom and brother went to Target while Ji, Regina, and I walked down to some craft store that I don't remember the name of.  Ji and I kind of ditched Regina and just wandered aimlessly around the store.  Regina took forever, so at some point, Ji and I decided to go next-door to Petsmart.  We looked at all of the animals, but we definitely stared at the cats for the longest.  They are so adorable!  I wanted to adopt them all.  There were two kittens running around with each other, and another two were laying on top of each other.  They were all absolutely adorable.  We eventually made it back to Target, and we just kind of looked through clothes and other stuff until it was time to leave.

The next day Ji, Laura, Haley, and I went to this theme park in our area called Holiday World.  We were there all day, and everything has already started to blur together, but I'll try to pick out some of the more memorable things that happened.  I know the first thing we did was go to eat at the Alamo, the Mexican restauraunt in the park.  After that, I can't really remember the order of anything.

We didn't really ride that many rides now that I think about it.  We rode two of the roller coasters, the Liberty Launch, the log ride, and Raging Rapids.  That was about it.  I got absolutely soaked on the log ride and Raging Rapids.  I got the wetest out of my friends, and my clothes never dried.

We also watched two of the shows.  One was were they sing a bunch of country songs and the other was a diving show.  I've been to this park a ton of times and seen both of these shows before.  The diving show in particular never really changes, but they'd added this whole part that none of us had see before that was pretty funny.  One of the divers was out in the audience (behind us actually), and he started saying stuff about how he could dive better than the diver up on the "stage."  We didn't realize it was part of the show at first and were a little weirded out.  At one point, one of the divers was dressed like Tarzan.  Haley's been wanting to watch Tarzan forever.  You should have heard her when he came out.

We ate way more that day then I have ever eaten in that park.  I had fried oreos for the second time.  Those things are amazing, but I can only eat two.  I gave to other two away to my sister, who had joined us by this point.  We also ate blue and red ice cream. That stuff is amazing!  Haley and I actually went to get ice cream while Ji and Laura got some other food somewhere else.  While carrying the ice cream back to the restaurant they're in, it all started melting.  By the time we got back, I had red and blue ice cream down my leg.  Ji's was basically soup by the time she ate it since she was still in line when we got back.

At one point Ji and I went into this glass blowing shop that no one else wanted to go in.  We were in there forever.  I honestly hadn't bothered to go in there since I was a little kid with my mom.  Later on, we went back in because Haley wanted to get fudge from the candy/baked goods area in there.  I decided to get a mystery box in there.  Regina told me I shouldn't because everything in those boxes sucked.  She was wrong.  This store is in the Christmas section (remember we're at Holiday World), so a lot of the stuff was Christmas-themed.  I picked the least Christmas looking box and got a dolphin one.  It even has a little heart!  I love it!  Plus, it was cheaper than if I'd actually picked it out.

Ji also wanted to play a lot of the games.  At one point, Ji, Haley, and I played this duck game that everyone wins.  It's meant for little kids, so we were a little embarassed at first.  Ji and I got little ducks, and Haley got a teddy bear.  Laura also won a stuffed minion from Despicable Me playing another game that she gave to Haley.

As we were leaving, it was decided that Ji, Laura, and Haley would come over to our house and watch Tarzan, which Haley's been wanting to watch forever.  We even invited our friend Jordan.  We picked up Jordan, and then went to Ji's house for a bit.  I've never actually been to Ji's house before since she usually comes to mine.  We all sat in her room talking (and looking through her diary written almost entirely in Spanish while she lived in Guatelmala) while she took a shower.  Ji warned us that her mom would over us food, and she was right (although we turned her down).  I've only met Ji's mom a couple of times, but she is a very nice and friendly person.

We eventually made it back to our house.  I was finally able to change out of my wet clothes, and we sat in my room and talked for about ten minutes.  Then, Laura reminded us that she had to be back home in about an hour and a half, so we needed to start watching Tarzan.  Watching a movie from your childhood is so much more amusing with other people.  None of us had watched it in a while, and we made some interesting observations.  Ji, who said she had hated the movie before, was crying at the end.  She also said she was shocked by Jane's voice (last time she'd watched it, it had been in Spanish), which I found funny for some reason.  When the movie was over, everyone went home, and I got to relax for the first time that day.

Sunday was pretty much homework day since I didn't get to work on it Friday or Saturday.  Let's just say I'm glad that's done with.

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