Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Even People You've Known for Years Can Surprise You

I feel like this week should be called New T-Shirt Week.  On Sunday, I finally got to wear one of my new Hunger Games shirts.  Then, I wore the other one Monday, and today I wore my new Lord of the Rings shirt.  As I was walking in the door to yearbook today, my English teacher from last year stopped me and asked if my shirt said Mordor on it.  I told him it did.  He followed me into the classroom because he needed to talk to the teacher and said to her, "Check out the Tolkien reference on Haley's shirt."  This started a Lord of the Rings conversation with the people in the classroom at the time.  It was interesting.  Turns out there's a Lord of the Rings fan in my yearbook class who is the last person you would have expected.  Seriously.  I've known her since elementary school, and I'm still surprised she even knows what Lord of the Rings is.  People can surprise you.

I think I mentioned that we've been learning the Ammendments in government.  Well, I did way better on that quiz than I thought.  I only missed two of them!  We took our test today, and it went way better than I thought it would too.  I suck at memorizing lists of things like that.  If you were to ask me what a certain ammendment is right now I don't think I could even answer.

One last thing for today: is selling some awesome shirts, and for every shirt that's bought, seven pairs of shoes go to children in Honduras through Soles4Souls.  They're pretty awesome shirts too.  You should go check them out.

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