Friday, August 26, 2011

I Get too Excited About These Things...

It's Friday!  This week seemed to drag on.  Unfortunately, this weekend I won't get to do the one thing that's most amazing about the weekend:  sleeping in.  I'll be at a car dealership at 9:30 tomorrow morning for Drive One 4 Ur School, but that's okay because I'll be helping raise money for our school.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Before heading to AP U.S. history today, I had to stop by the yearbook room to get the camera in order to take pictures in AP English.  Our English teacher made us come up with skits to help us remember our hardest vocab words, and I took pictures of each skit (except the one I was in, a boy in the class took pictures of ours).  We came up with the skits just about five minutes before doing them, and our group's was particularly bad.  Ji, Kayla, and I's skit basically consisted of the three of us standing around talking about random stuff as our word was "interlocutor."

As we were walking from yearbook to computer applications, Ji and I had an interesting conversation about dying hair.  Ji wants to dye her hair blond.  I mentioned how much I loved auburn/dark red hair, and Ji told me I should dye my hair that color.  It's not going to happen, but I have a feeling I'm going to be pestered about it a lot from now on.

This is random, but our lunch today was chicken tacos, something we've never had before.  It was oddly good, which is weird.  We also had a very interesting conversation at lunch today.  You'll just have to wonder what it was about though because there's no way I'm saying here.  It wasn't bad or anything, but if taken out of context, some people might find it offensive.  (It wasn't and nothing bad was said about anyone or anything.  It's just hard to explain.)

I'm not going to lie, third block (when I peer tutor at the middle school) has been stressing me out since I started.  I don't want to go into details as to why, but it hasn't been that great.  Today, however, was a good day (yesterday wasn't too bad either), and I think things are starting to look up.  Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself.  In the first class I'm in, I had to go help a boy try and find a paper in his locker.  (Something that definitely isn't tutoring, but none of the kids needed help on homework at the moment.)  While we were looking through his locker, the middle school principal walked by us and asked me if the boy was behaving for me.  I said he was, and the principal said that was good and maybe the boy would get a reward later.  That boy seemed so proud of that.  When we went back into the room (after finding his paper) he repeated all of it to the teacher.  This is the same boy that's been talking to me every day I go over there, and I've helped him with stuff a few times.  Even during the stressful days, he's made me feel just a little bit better.

The second class I help in is where the majority of the stress has been coming from, but today was extremely different.  I think everyone's starting to get used to me being there, and it's nothing like it was the first week or so.  I helped some kids go over multiplication and then the whole class played Bingo where they had to solve a multiplication problem to figure out the number.

When I got to government, I got this thing that Haley had made in foods class and saved for me, Jordan, and Laura.  They were kind of like no-bake cookies with a Hershey's Kiss on top.  They were really good.  Jordan and I ate ours before class started, even though we may not be allowed to eat food in class.  The teacher watched us and didn't say anything so...

Before I stopped to write this post, I was looking at this website.  This website is awesome.  I found out about this orphanage in Mexico from the front page.  I know want to volunteer at this orphanage next summer.  This is almost becoming a dream.  It would be an amazing experince.  I'd just have to pay to get there and for room and board.  I could learn Spanish (because three years of it in school did no good).  Plus, it's far from home without being across an ocean.  I want to do it...  I wonder if I could convince someone to do it with me.  Ji grew up in Guatemala.  She could come with me and even translate for me.  I want this to happen.  I want this to happen so much...

I also found a new t-shirt site.  (If you follow me on twitter, you know if bought several t-shirts from here and here lately.)  Now I've found a new site that has a new shirt each week.  The best part?  Each time you buy a shirt, money goes to charity.  It's going to be tough not buying each one.  I'm trying really hard to decide if I want to buy the one that's available now.

I wrote this whole blog post about half asleep.  I honestly remember just about nothing I just wrote.  If it's incoherent, blame my lack of sleep.

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