Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Today was a pretty normal day as far as school days go, but considering the last two school days we were on different schedules, it actually felt kind of weird.

I started the day off in AP U.S. History, like usual.  We actually went over how to write notes.  We have to write notes on our own for this chapter, and a girl in my class has twelve pages of notes typed.  He just went through a passage and told us what we would put down.  It's basically exactly what I had for that passage.  Other than that, we just took a quiz over the chapter.  Our test is tomorrow, and I'm surprisingly less sure about this one than I was the last.  It seems like a ton more information for some reason.

I can't remember everything we did in AP English, but I know we went over this article together and had to summarize the different sections in a group.  We're going over how to write summaries right now, and we're kind of working our way up a step at a time.  Who knew there were so many steps to writing summaries.  As a side note, our text book for this class is the most boring thing ever.  I want to fall asleep when I read it.  (This is completely oposed to the AP U.S. History text book that I love and find incredibly interesting.)

We each made up something called a beat report in yearbook.  Each of us have at least two teachers that we have to take these to on a regular basis.  They write down things that are happening in their classes that they want yearbook to take pictures of, and you're in charge of taking pictures for whatever teachers you take the report too.  That was the main thing we did today, and I took it to one of the teachers I have (my AP English teacher).  Other than we just brainstormed theme ideas and stuff.

Computer applications was the same as always.  We just sat there at our computers and did whatever the text book told us to.  I also gave a beat report to the teacher since she's the other teacher I'm assigned to.  She doesn't have anything going on in her classes, but she gave me a list of Key Club stuff, which is convenient since Ji and I signed up to take Key Club pictures.

After lunch, I headed up to the middle school for peer tutoring.  In the first class I'm in I didn't do much other than briefly help a girl with her social studies homework.  In the next class, I helped some of the kids with their addition problems.  (They're learning stuff about adding doubles.)

Government was a little interesting today.  We had all separated into groups the day before, and today, each group got to preform a skit.  Each skit was based on a different doctrine of the U.S. government.  My group (which consisted of Laura, Haley, Jordan, and me) had judicial review.  Our (very random and short) skit basically went like this:  Jordan was a governor who had punished Haley for loitering.  While I can't remember what exactly Haley's punishment was, it had something to do with balogna and a strip mall.  Laura was Haley's lawyer, and I was the judge who was supposed to declare the punishment unconstitutional.  I had one line.  Haley did her line about her punishment being unfair, and I lost it.  How can you now when it involves balogna and strip malls?  Anyway, Laura said her line, and then it was my turn.  However, I was laughing way to hard and couldn't talk.  This made the other three start laughing as well.  After a couple of minutes, I was able to force my line out even if I don't think it was really understandable.  The four of us then went back to our desks, still laughing.  That was definitely the highlight of my day.  (I think most of the laughing may have come from the fact that I was nervous though, not because I thought it was funny.)

We also finished watching a 9/11 conspiracy theory video in government.  While the video brought up some interesting points, I don't really believe it.  I mean, it used Wikipedia as a source.  I use Wikipedia all that time, but it's not exactly the site you use if you want people to listen to you.  Still, it was interesting.

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