Friday, August 5, 2011

My 18th Birthday

This is the first blog post I've written as an 18 year old!  My birthday yesterday was rather uneventful as I spent most of it just sitting around the house being really unproductive.  However, being 18 does mean a few things.

1. I'm legally an adult!  This really hasn't meant much yet, but it doesn't mean I can't be excited about it.  It just feels cool.

2. I'm able to vote!  I haven't registered yet because I didn't have my ID with me when they came to my school.  You can be sure that I'll be registered by the next election though, and I will most definitely be voting.  I'm a huge history nerd.  I'm not as in to politics, but I do realize how important it is to vote.  We are so lucky to live in a country where we have a say in the government.

3. I'm finished posting vlogs every single weekday.  I've mentioned in several blog posts that I've been posting videos every weekday since my 17th birthday on Youtube.  That's now finished.  If you've followed my blog for more than a year, then you know I used to blog a lot about what was happening in my life.  What happened to those posts?  I was making tons of videos about the same thing.  Now that I'll have fewer vlogs about my life and stuff I'll be doing more blog posts like the ones I used to do.  I'll still have the book reviews and other random posts that I've had for the past year though, so don't worry about those disappearing.

Like I said, yesterday was a lazy day.  I had a headache most of yesterday and today which has me a bit worried.  My sister's pretty sick right now, and it apparently all started with a really bad headache.  Let's hope for the best.

My family is celebrating my birthday Sunday, and one of my closest friends is probably coming over later.  I'm not completely ignoring my birthday.  Some people (re: my sister) think I'm crazy for not having a big party or something.  You'd think she would understand that someone as socially awkward as me isn't one to throw big parties, even for their 18th birthday.  I can't wait until Sunday though.  Even socially awkward people don't turn down presents (even if the part where people stare as you open them is awkward).

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